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Posted by on Feb 19, 2012 in EdsPick1, Featured, Humour, People, Video | 2 comments

ZANews Interviews Lady Gaga (Puppet News Satire)

ZANews anchor puppet Tim Modise interviews Lady Gaga to discover the source of her design inspiration, why she wore a fishnet over her face at the annual Grammy Awards, and how she intends paying tribute to Whitney Houston.

This clip is an edit taken from the ZANews Daily broadcast of 16 February 2012. You will find the full broadcast here:

ZANews is a satirical TV puppet news show from South Africa which broadcasts daily via their web site ( and weekly on TopOne on TopTV at 9pm on Sundays.

Find out more about the SANews Show here: And subscribe to ZANewsTV on YouTube:

Material in this video remains (c) ZANews and both worlds, 2012



  1. “My musical inspiration comes form my vagina, my fashion inspiration comes from my arse. My skinny white arse Tim”

    ROFLMAO!!!! Spot on impersenation and characterisation of That-Aint-No-Lady Gaga!

  2. There is meant to be an ‘n’ in inspiration isn’t there?

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