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Posted by on Oct 6, 2009 in Current Events, Entertainment, Greg | 9 comments

ZANews Launches – Laugh The Beloved Country!

The Prez tells it like it is Eventually! After much anticipation South Africa’s very own locally produced Spitting Image style news broadcast launched a short while ago. Performed by Zapiro-inspired puppets, the satirical news show will air Tuesday through Friday and have a weekly roundup show on Saturdays.

ZANews is now online and the shows’ premier-maiden-virgin show is running via the Mail & Guardians‘ portal. Co-written by executive producer Thierry Cassuto together with Ben Travato and Stephen Francis (of Madam & Eve fame), the show is the result of the SABC’s refusal to run it, after they canned the pilot episode of (what was then) Z News.

Anchored by Tim Modise, and covering Juli-baby’s Nedbank protest, the broadcast also features cameos from Tata Ma5-r100ndela, The Arch, that Zille Woman and an unnamed Kulula cabin-crew member. The green airline is a primary sponsor of the show, and gets good mileage out of hosting JZ and lollipop-licking “little boy” Malema in their “one-class fits all” cabin. The President also addresses the nation from his office, welcoming the new news, ZANews, to the internetwaves, and reaffirming his opinion of his detractors.

Lick your lollipop little oneEven Tata and Tutu are tuning inJulius the Pedipurist checks the definition for "internet"

All told – it is damn funny stuff! And, like it says at the end of the credits, it’s Local & it’s Lekker! Go watch it NOW!
[All images & stills are © ZA News & The Mail & Guardian]


  1. Malema, a PEDIPURIST!!!!!!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  2. Tutu: Television is the opium of the people.
    Mandela: Actually he said “Religion is the opium of the masses”.
    Tutu: Oh, so then television must be the dagga of the masses?!

    😀 Too funny!

  3. Whoo, will we survive this? lol

    • I hope we go down laughing………..

  4. I'm loving it! Cant believe I missed this one until now. Good find Greg 🙂

  5. Best line 4 me in 1st episode is Zuma: "No more pussy footing around the bush"!

  6. The scene with Malema on the plane listening to his ipod and singing "all the single ladies" had me laughing so hard that the other guys in the office came over to see it too. The second viewing was even funnier!

    The second episode not as good, but todays "Is Helen Zilles' face a national security risk?" episode is very amusing.

  7. Hello from Russia!

    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  8. Welcome to BlaBla, Polprav.

    You are welcome to use a quote from our blog. Thank you for asking. Please let us know (in reply to this) which post you will be quoting, and leave us a link to your article.

    Thanks for visiting 🙂


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