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Posted by on Apr 24, 2010 in Voted | 2 comments

YouTube turns 5

The highly popular video sharing site that we so often make use of for content, has turned 5 years old. It all started with a silly video of a trip to the zoo…….

Know, it’s the birthplace of most promotional videos. It’s almost as if, If it ain’t  on YouTube it doesn’t exist. Yet YouTube has become very sensitive about content since being bought by Google. Yes, Google owns everything Internet …..

The most viewed video to date is the Octopus Stealing Camera Video. With more than 189 000 000 views it tops out Lady Gaga-Bad Romance. Music videos are a staple on YouTube with 5 music videos in the all time top ten viewed. Miley Cyrus has two videos with Lady Gaga. Combined they make up over 523 238 987 views on YouTube. The power of YouTube……

Remember the Treadmill Video? Well there are now tons of them. The South African connection to YouTube has been amazing. Our own previously blogged about DIE ANTWOORD has over 3 666 000 views, not bad hey? Then the latest videos that have done well from South Africa are the Don’t touch me on my studio, and Make the circle bigger vids……..but we know all about that.

In my house we eat bandwidth for dinner, my Son and I will sit on the bed, laptop and broadband connection in hand and watch YouTube videos for hours. It’s better than any television Station. Anything you want, it’s right there at a click of the mouse. Our absolute favorite YouTube star is a guy called Ken Block. He drives a Scooby like no other. If you have never seen his stuff, well were have you been? With a combined total of more than 50 000 000 views this guy is stuff legends are made of. Even if modern legends only live in the digital world…….

I would like to wish YouTube a happy birthday, and just thank them for the best damn television station in the history of the world………

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