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Posted by on Oct 27, 2010 in Featured, Humour, Illustration, Life | 6 comments

Wordless Wednesday – Quitting Tip from Maxine

Smoking - Maxine

This Wordless Wednesday post is dedicated to The Only Cin who is in the midst of giving up smoking. Because all of us that do smoke and have tried to quit the habit know just how hard it is to stop. And we need all the help, support and advice we can get. This Maxine’s suggestion.

From the multi-coloured pens of the celebrated Hallmark cartoonist John Wagner, the Maxine series has become a classic. That’s one feisty old girl there.


  1. *refrains from sticking a needle in Greg’s eye …*

    • * swiftly places safety goggles over his eyes. And adds a full-face motorcycle helmet for extra protection *

  2. LOL!I’m wondering if the “feisty old girl” is a reference to Maxine or to Cindy?

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