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Posted by on Nov 3, 2010 in Humour, Illustration | 5 comments

Wordless Wednesday: Hannah Mintanne

Hannah van die Kaap

Source: Snaaks Genoeg

Reminds me of the time I spent a night in Queenstowns’ Royal Hotel. Was woken at about 4am to loud shouting from the street outside. Looking out the window I saw an elderly couple in the street below having an obviously cheap alcohol-fuelled ‘discussion’. The only bit of the conversation that I could make out clearly was her saying to him “Jy moet eers tande kry, jou lelike p**s!!” (First you need to get teeth, you ugly c**t!!)

It left me laughing out loud. A lot like I did when I first saw Hannah Mintanne.

Happy Humpday Blablania!


  1. Bla, you know this is close to home don’t you……

    • Ha. Speek for jourself my lannie. Speek for jourself.

      Bellville toe!!

  2. That sir right there that is freekin funny!
    ROFLMAO! Actually looks like a couple of my work mates’

    • Glad you appreciate it Slayer – nice nickname btw.

      It;s actually quite an old pic that has been in a folder for a good year plus already. The Snaaks Genoeg crew deserve all the credit for it though.

      Your work place sounds like it could be a lot of laughs…

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