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Posted by on Sep 15, 2009 in Relationships, TheOnlyCin | 23 comments


Anschone. Ont-schon-nay. My vivacious friend wears her exotic name very well. She owns R ‘n R, a tranquil health and beauty spa in Greenside. It’s a step away from a rather busy road, but feels a million miles away from the city. Bamboo and pebbles, running water and soft music; it’s a blissful haven, a true escape from the madness of Johannesburg. There is the added plus that she keeps this piece of heaven open later than most, and she breaks all her own rules and allows me to bring wine into her Zen sanctuary.

I had some distressing news late yesterday and fled immediately to R ‘n R, armed with a bottle of KWV Roodeberg; given to me by a friend during her visit to Johannesburg.

Antschone gave me the back and neck massage usually reserved for stressed businessmen and then waxed and tinted my eyebrows. We sipped the superb wine while I had a pedicure and paged through her photo albums. I was surprised to discover that this woman is quietly going about a little charity all on her own, helping people with skin problems and disfiguring scarring at no charge. The results she is able to achieve without invasive surgery are simply amazing.

She’s a beautiful human being and I am so lucky to have her in my life, she made me feel like a million dollars.


Anschone will give away a 60-minute Dual Massage, designed for friends and couples. Spoil yourself and your partner or best friend and enjoy a de-stressing massage in the beautifully appointed double-treatment room.

Simply leave me a comment telling me why you think you deserve to win and Anschone will choose the winner on Friday.

To find out more about R ‘n R, visit their website at this link:, or click on the banner below to go there.


  1. Is there going to be a time limit on the voucher at all? I’m in PE, but coming to Joburg (I’m guessing that’s where Greenside is) in early Dec with my GF. THis would be a great treat for her.

  2. If your entry is chosen, I am sure she will hold the voucher open until your visit to Johannesburg.

  3. Me and hubby been married for almost 12years, and trying to conceive now. We've been for our first treatment and it was unsuccessful. This have been working on us since we got the results, and besides that, we are trying to adopt 2 precious little kids that we have for almost 7years as well.

    I think that both me and hubby might benefit from this and this would be the nicest experience that we can experience at the same time.

  4. Good luck Katriena, Anschone will select the winner on Friday.

  5. Hi there

    we are married for 13 years, never been apart from each other. Due to circumstances in our country, hubby could not get a permanent position in SA. He finally got one in the CONGO. He is all alone there as the children and myself is still here in SA, schools and my work. He is coming home this weekend as it is his birhtday on saturday and i would like to spoil him this weekend.

    His next trip home will only be end of October.


  6. i went through a traumatic job loss in January – found a new job only to be retrenched in March. Fianlly started work again in August but finances are rough which of course causes major tension in the home.

    I think hubby and I would benefit from this to bring us a bit closer and to ease some of our stresss.

  7. I'm not entering on my own behalf, but my sister-in-law Mustang deserves some spoiling. Her husband, my lovely boet. died in March this year, since then she has been strong, with the business, with the girls, with everything. Mustang deserves a break.

  8. It's a dual massage Supa, who would Mustang bring along if she won?

  9. I'd vote for Katriena. Nothing like a good massage to get those baby-making juices going. Throw in a glass or two of something relaxing, and it's a definite score!

    And hey, even if it doesn't get the factory up and running it will be a heck of a lot of fun.

    Good luck to all who entered.

  10. I expect Mustang would take her Mom or a friend.

  11. AND THE WINNER IS KATRIENA. The relaxation will help ease the tention. Its known that when a couple went away for a dirty weekend they come back pregnant.

    AND JUST BECAUSE WE CAN – KIM you are welcome to come for the same treatment we know how tough life can be.

  12. This is the BEST news ever !!! Thanks Anschone!!

  13. Wow, thanks Anschone!

  14. In that case, although I’m not so keen on it to be honest, I’d settle for Josi.

    But don’t you dare go for Brandi and blame me… I’d hate to be responsible for that.

  15. A belated WOOPEEE!! to the winners.

    HUGE thanks to Anchone for sponsoring the prize, and then deciding to double it. TheOnlyCin said it best: “She’s a beautiful human being”!

    Thanks also to TOC for organising the giveaway and coordinating things for us. We tip our collective hat in your direction mam.

    Enjoy the massages Katriena and Kim. And be sure to report back here on the experience.

    • Will definately do!!! Thanks once again for the wonderful prize!

  16. Anschone is the greatest!! Two prizes. Well done to the winners both.

    And hey, Katriena, I'm sure my push for you earlier had a lot of influence on the judge. So remember that when it comes to naming the results of the weekend, you can choose either Joseph, or Branden. I don't mind which. 😀

    • LOL …. thanks JoBra! really appreciate your vote for us! Regarding the names… what if its a girl? But will definately let you know the results!! Take care!

  17. Bwahahaha JoBra! You think it's going to be a boy? My dad had a theory that boys are made when people have sex and girls are made when people make love.

    I think this one just may be a little girl…

    • Definately think it would be a girl as well Cin!

  18. Thanks a million – what a suprise to be given this wonderful prize as well.

  19. Only a pleasure – afterall we are here to make peoples lives a little easier. A fantastic day to everyone. xxxx


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