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Posted by on Jan 12, 2012 in Advertising, Community, Featured, Restaurants | 1 comment

Wimpy Trends with Braille Burgers


The local division of the burgers and fries, I love it when you speak foreign, fast food restaurant chain Wimpy are all the talk in town today. This after a video showing their efforts at communicating with their blind customers went viral on YouTube.

“Wimpy wanted to let visually impaired people know that they offered braille menus in all of their restaurants. To spread the word we built braille burgers that blind people could actually read. With the help of skilled chefs we took sesame seeds and meticulously placed them on burger buns so that the seeds formed Braille.”

The video shows how Wimpy went about promoting the fact that they have Braille menus available in all of their restaurants. Using specially baked burger buns with individually placed sesame seeds, Wimpy produced a batch of burgers with Braille messages on them, and had these delivered to the offices of three of the largest blind support organisations in the land.

The rest, as they say, is legend.

I dare you to not get a little lump in the back of your throat when you see the smiles on the faces of the burger recipients.

Not sure of the agency involved, but here are the people responsible:

  • Creative Director: Wes Phelan
  • Art Director: Dale Mullany
  • Copywriter: Keith Manning
  • Director: Will Collinson
  • Music: Loyiso Madinga
  • Photographer: Mike & Nick
  • Retoucher: Darren Bell

1 Comment

  1. None of this counts if they serve raw chicken and give their patrons salmonella!!! Sorry wimpy but braille, free breakfasts on the 19 Jan etc I will not eat at you again cos your food sucks!!!

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