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Posted by on Aug 31, 2009 in Random | 12 comments

White SA Male Refugee In Canada

imgnews24_logo News24 is reporting that a white male South African has been given refugee status in Canada. The story tells of how he would “Stick out like a sore thumb” if he returned to South Africa. Huh? I am white, male and South African, do I stick out to? Should I be applying for refugee status too?  This is gonna get plenty mileage from the DA and Co.

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  1. You do sorta stick out a bit. Not because you're white, male & South African though. You stick out because you are VOTED!

    You're right – plenty of opposition mileage from this one. I wonder how many more WMSA's are going to apply now. Flood gates may be opening.

  2. mmm Flood gates opening. I'm White, Male, and married to a brit, British Colonialism is seen as the mortal sin in Africa. Wonder if that counts in my favour.

  3. Somewhat predictably, the SA Government have responded with comment from Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Maoepa quoted as saying: "His claims would have been preposterous and laughable, had they not been so serious".

    See for more

    • Now the ANC are calling CANADA racist….

  4. That’s weird, very weird. I could understand someone from Zimbabwe, or Myanmar, seeking refugee status in Canada. What are they thinking of?

    • Why? WE WMSA's are suffering at the hands of the rainbow nation

  5. Hi Steve & welcome to The BlaBla Blog – thanks for stopping past.

    It does seem completely surreal, doesn't it?

    Love your "channelling Dr Verwoerd" remark on your post – thanks for the hat tip btw.

    • This story is gonna go on forever!

  6. Update to the "I suck as a South African" story here:

    Basically, Canadian gov will consider challenging Refugee Board decision. Wonder what will happen if the status is reversed? Does he get deported back to SA? That could be amusing to see..

    • I wonder if Julias and Winnie will be at the airport to welcome him back?


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