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Posted by on Sep 11, 2009 in Voted | 10 comments

Where Were You?

11 September 2001, I was sitting in the reception of Dr. Barnes’ offices, the surgeon who put my knees, face and chest back together after my car accident.

Today is FRIDAY, September 11 2009.

There are 111 days left of this year.

Now do you remember were you where?

A massive amount has been written about this terrorist attack on the free world that killed more than 2700 people. I have followed this story over the years with massive interest, try me, ask me a question?

I remember being in New York a year or so before, and walking around the Financial District, I am not sure if it was me or my wife, but we stood between the Twin Towers and took a photo looking up. In the photo you can see a plane flying between the two towers. Freaky.

We also did an open top bus tour, and got a photo going under the Woolworths Building pedestrian bridge. It’s made of stainless steel and you can see your reflection in it. This was one of the only things remaining after the buildings collapsed.

A group of friends and us had planned to go over to America to watch the American Grand Prix that year. Funny that my wife fell pregnant and I was in a car accident. This changed the plans and no-one went. Fate some may say. In all likelihood we would have been there at the time.

Did you know?

  • Only one tower was insured.
  • The Twin Towers contained almost 4% of Manhattans’ office space.
  • Twice as many people died in the North Tower as apposed to the South Tower (595 vs. 1360).
  • More than 83 countries were represented amongst the dead.
  • 343 NYCFD fire-fighters died on that day, almost half of the entire amount in the services history.
  • The fires around Ground Zero burnt for 99 days (until December 19, my wife’s birthday).

Tonight I will watch another 9/11 documentary, this one is distributed by the Church, and which has a “Duplication Encouraged” sticker on it. It’s called “9/11 – The Truth”.

For a brilliant photo journal of the days events, see this website, one of the better ones.

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  1. I was watching tv and my son phoned and said "stop watching Big Brother a plane has hit the World Trade Centre!" He was in his car and I described what was happening to him, he was also quite correct….I was watching Big Brother!! 🙂

    • The best rated CNN broadcast day in history.

  2. I was at work that afternoon. Someone's mom called to say that a plane had just crashed into the WTC. We all thought that it was a freak accident, and that it was a little aircraft.

    Being a tech support company, that info was quickly replaced with the real story as streaming net broadcasts and newswires were found and followed.

    I remember driving home after the 2nd plane had gone in, with 702 on the radio (I think they were patched into a live audio feed at the time) in a state of numb disbelief.

    Stayed up all night then watching CNN and the other news channels on DSTV. Back at work the next day and it was obvious that I wasn't the only one who had.

    May our children never have the opportunity to recall another day like it.

    • Our parents have the Kenedy assasination "moment" and we have the 9/11, I am pretty sure our kids will have one……….

    • Nicely tidied up I say old chap!

  3. I was at work too and initially didn't believe it when one of my colleagues shouted that the twin towers had been attacked. I still remember the surreal feeling watching it

    We couldn't go back to work after that

    • I think the whole planet came to a stand still

  4. Not to detract from the gravitas of the occasion, but…

    That bit about your doctor putting your face back together…

    How do I put this delicately…?

    Umm, you may want to investigate a malpractice claim?

    • I have. He won, apparently this is an "improvement" according to a 20 person jury panel…..

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