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Posted by on Jun 23, 2009 in Random | 4 comments

What Are Mimes Saying?

Street Mime BryanstonSnapped this ‘Traffic Light Trader’ awhile ago as I was driving by. As mime/human statue artists go he seemed like a pretty good performer (not that I’m an expert in any way). If I’d had the chance I would have liked to have given him a couple of coins for his efforts.

But that posed the problem: I assume that he and the rest of his troupe were trying to raise money. But I couldn’t figure out how. He never moved. Never approached a window. Never rattled a plastic cup or cupped his hands to catch a donation. How am I supposed to give him my contribution?

I guess I could have slowed enough to pass it over as I reached the intersection. But this approach has huge risks of being rear-ended by a fast moving Sandton Tractor driver (like the one just ahead of me in the picture, there was another in a Q7 just behind me.) You just know she going to do whatever is needed to make that green light.

The other problem with trying to pass many coins whilst still moving is the risk that some will fall, and in his efforts to collect the spilled cash, Mr. Mime could very easily meet the bumpers and wheels of Ms. Q7. Not a pleasant thought. Especially if I had caused it.

To be honest, I’m not even sure that fund raising was what they were doing. There’s not even one of those ubiquitous "No food, No work, No job, Please help, God bless" signs anywhere in sight.

Maybe its some sort of Mime School test?


  1. I pass a guy who juggles at traffic lights. Good Ideas these street performers have! I prefer it to " NO JOB, NO FOOD, NO AIRTIME, ONLY 2 SMOKES LEFT"

    • Too true!

      Been thinking a little about these street performers, and reckon that for the right amount of money I'd sell my brilliant advertising and promotional campaign idea to any of the mobile phone, telecomms or communications companies (or their ad agency) out there.

  2. Mimes are freaky weird. and a little scary to

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