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Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in Random | 4 comments


I’m so comfortable in my little 10km radius, so when I had to venture into the unknown and trek to Eastgate on Friday, I was in quite a state. The upside of the trip is that Blink Stefanus has now made his mark on the East Rand; he lurks in the fitting rooms of Cameroon, Woolworths and The Dance Studio.

Observation: Bedfordview men wear more gold jewelry than women in Rosebank do!

On Friday night I went to a party for my friend (all the way from Catalonia). He was celebrating an important birthday and I insisted he wear a Blink Stefanus T-shirt. Very late into the evening, Stef Nel’s copywriter friend and I decided it was essential that we get Blink Stefanus to come and join us at the party. Fueled by gallons of wine, we phoned Stef and shrieked at him like banshees, feeling terribly clever and funny. He said Blink Stefanus was already fast asleep in bed. We then attempted to convince Stef to come on his own, but he declined as he was in pyjamas and disinclined to get dressed, given the lateness of the hour.

I must say; he was very gentlemanly in not swearing and slamming the phone in our ears.

Sorry Stef … we really were very drunk. Can we make it up to you? Will you ever forgive us?


  1. Hahaha! Got to love a good old fashioned drunk dialling!

  2. DOP AND DIAL, I love that!!!!!

  3. Phoning an old dame with a sore hip and bad eyesight after Noot vir Noot isn't appropriate Cindy!

  4. Noot vir Noot is back on?!! Why wasn't I informed?

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