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Posted by on Jul 7, 2009 in Politics | 21 comments

Separated At Birth: Mugabe & Malema

Were Robert Mugabe and Julius Malema separated at birth? You be the judge…

Robert Gabriel Mugabe Julius Sello Malema

On nationalising mines & other private entities
Mugabe:: “We will arrest those externalising foreign currency in gold sector. We will seize the mines and nationalise all companies. We will take all the companies, all of them if they continue with this dirty game.” [1]

Malema:: “At this moment, when the imperialist forces are accepting the failure of capitalism, we should ask whether the time has not arrived for the government to make sure that the state owns the mines and other means of production…” [2]

On political opposition
Mugabe:: “As long as that man is still there, as long as Mugabe is still there, you will not get that money from us, you Tsvangirai,” Mugabe said, mimicking Western leaders during a speech broadcast on state television. [3]

Malema:: “She [Zille], the racist little girl, must remember that Zuma is her boss,” Malema said. [4]

On the education front
Mugabe:: Edinburgh University will tomorrow revoke an honorary degree awarded to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. The degree was awarded in 1984 for Mugabe’s services to education in Africa. He has since been blamed for Zimbabwe’s failing economy and accused of running an oppressive regime. The decision to revoke the degree is the first in the history of the academic institution… [5]

Malema:: The University of South Africa on Tuesday, without any request to do so, categorically denied that Malema had ever been registered for a Unisa law degree, despite his publicised claims to the contrary. [6]

On ‘imperialist-capitalist’ forces
Mugabe:: “Bear in mind that the monster of imperialism is continuously and dangerously lurking in the bush awaiting a more favourable opportunity to devour our national sovereignty,” Mugabe said. [7]

Malema:: He reiterated his comments that Cope was selling the country to Britain. “We will never allow them to donate this country to Britain when we are still alive,” he said. [8]

On the media
Mugabe::  “When a government undertakes programmes, the private sector and the media should also contribute by saying things that are positive and not things that are negative,” Mugabe said. “You’ve got to stop being too negative,” he said… [9]

Malema:: Malema also criticised the media for being “hostile” and “unpatriotic”.
He said the media were propagating respect for the judiciary but not “respect for politicians”. The press enjoyed freedom and the judiciary was independent “because of politicians”. [10]

On possibly losing to breakaway opposition in an election
Mugabe:: Zimbabwe was last night threatened with civil war by President Robert Mugabe if he loses the forthcoming election battle. He said veterans of Zimbabwe’s war for independence would fight again if his opponent Morgan Tsvangirai wins. [11]

Malema:: “They would rather shamelessly drag the entire nation to the abyss of anarchy in pursuit of narrow, self-serving interests.” Malema warned that the Lekota breakaway party could lead to violence. “We run the risk of breeding a monster that will take our country to civil war,” he said. [12]

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  1. How about

    Mugabe: On making intelligent statements: You are an agent for the liberal, white, racist western capitalist imperialists who want to take over my poor, ruined nation! And you must be gay!

    Malema: On making intelligent statements: You are an agent for the liberal, white, racist western capitalist imperialists who want to stop me from taking over and turning my poor, ruined nation! And you could be gay!

  2. Brilliant investigating and writing G! These dudes are scary!!

    • Two Peas in a Pod maybe, Don?


  3. I also read an article were the mining industry admitted to "pricing in" stupid comments made by "young south african leaders" damn, if I could just find that link.

  4. oh my god……I'm going green!!

    • Hurricane Katrina sounds like she's Julius Juggernauts' long-lost sister. Maybe we should set up a family reunion between the two of them and Bob "The Mug" Mugabe. We could ask Comedy Central to sponsor it?!

  5. Hands Off President Malema…Hands Off.

    • You can have him! THere is no f-ing way I am touching him. Yuck.

    • Julius "Juggernaut" Malema????

      Hmmm, okay seems pretty apt as a moniker:


      Dictionary: jug·ger·naut (j?g'?r-nôt')

      Something that elicits blind and destructive devotion or to which people are ruthlessly sacrificed.

      An overwhelming, advancing force that crushes or seems to crush everything in its path.

      "…blind and destructive…", "…ruthlessly sacrificed…", "…crush everything in its path…".

      Yip, that's our Juli. Got to love a democracy that allows this nut-job to open his mouth in public.

  6. My Julius

    My Visionary

    My Beacon of Light

    My Inspiration

    My Nationalisation

    My Patriotic Soldier

    We as the Youth of SA have been blessed. Julius Malema – a legend in the making, I'd start saving for his biography If I were you.

    Hands Off President Malema…Hands Off

    • Frikken glad you're not calling it an "auto-biography" you tool! It'd be a pretty pathetic writing effort if it were, judging on some of the crap that "Jughead" Malema and his media savvy (LOL!!) cronies at the so-called Youth League put out as supposed "statements".

      Probably be written in the same nonsensical stream of consciousness garbage that you have written up here.

      And besides all that – what crap is this about saving up to buy anything from Juli I am not gay Malema? Surely the very notion of a liberal arts medium that relies on the imperialist capitalist notion of the exchange of money lies at the very heart of the Malema Manifesto?

      It is due to this very same imperialist capitalist system of forcing those at grassroots to buy into their capitalist conspiracy that has caused the poverty of the multitudes to continue to be perpetuated. The western imperialists conspire together in the mansions that were built on the sweat and blood of the black slave. They conspire to keep the people in servitude through their manipulations of the market economies that are no more free than the very slaves of which I speak.

      Cumraid Malema professes to spend his every waking moment trying to redress this conspiracy. Surely it would more appropriate for the benevolent future leader to ensure that all are given a copy of this great work of fiction? Surely it will stand alongside Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto as the guides to a great future?

      To be sure, Jugwad, let him be giving the frikkin thing away like Mr. Hitler and Mr. Stalin did. Pay for it? Hell no. Free-dom for the people. Free-dom for all.

      And we'll send anyone who doesn't read their copy to the Karoo Gulag for a little re-education a'la Pol Pot and his bunch of great thinkers, the Khmer Rouge.

      And don't be trying to use that "Hau, I cunt reed cos the apart-hide that heppend. You know – the apart-hide? It heppend last of last century. So, it not my fult. Hau. Sorree."

      Jugears Malema won't be standing for that sort of nonsense. Hell no! Look how he managed to get to the top spot with the help of that shoddy "apart-hide edukashin" of his.

      • What nonsensical stream of consciousness , it's unfortunate of you to spur this rare opportunity. Engage direct with an ardent Juju supporter so that you're not baffled when reality puts its canines to good use. Besides the usual rhetoric and blogwash you may come across Blockbuster has a large support base amongst the youth, in him we're guaranteed a no nonsense leader not loyal to anything or anyone but the cause. A rough diamond is still a diamond nonetheless. Google one of his interviews on SAFM or 702 and judge him from there. The monster and whatever else depicted in Newspaper Headlines, Editorials and News Bulletins is a figment of the Media's imagination hellbent on influencing or nowadays neutralising public opinion. Speaking of the imperialist,capitalism and exploitation airing those type of views in public is taboo for a politician in SA

        but not when it comes to Blockbuster where he sees wrong be it from within the ANC or the Imperialist(Investor)

        he addresses it without fear or favour. He calls a spade a spade and not a garden-boy's magic wand. We've had the wool pulled over our eyes for too long I thought peoples most common gripe with politicians is their inability to speak the truth. When it comes to him reaching the top(financially.etc) that's an achievement of the revolution, let that that inspire us his supporters from all corners in fact it's his detractors that are making noise about it not us. The Youth League recently opened up a school of politics that's the first step in educating our less inquisitive youth on communism, capitalism misconceptions about both.etc amongst other things.

        Hands Off President Malema…Hands Off

        • Now, now gents…. Whilst we here at BlaBla encourage debate and discussion, let's try to keep things civil. The name-calling (which does raise a smile or two) doesn't really add too much to the debate.

          Play nice, or play elsewhere.

    • "We as the Youth of SA have been blessed."

      This really irritates me! I am one of the "Youth of SA". More so than Mr. Malema who is rapidly heading into middle age. Please do not presume to include myself (and many other young, black South Africans, especially females) in your "we the youth" line. You and your views are NOT representative of my views. I think Malema is an embarrassment. I personally cringe every time I hear him or one of his ilk speak as if they are the voice of the "youth of SA". They are not! I for one DO NOT feel "blessed" to have this sexist, rape-condoning pig represent anything I stand for.

      • Your array of insults show your unjustified loathing of the individual. Maybe his background, eloquency and so on and so forth don’t meet your high standards. As a youth he’s not supposed to represent your views he’s supposed to implement your views. Since your views are not catered for what are you doing to get your views across except whining on blogs?
        I wonder what these views are that you feel Malema and the YL as a whole fail to represent.
        I hope you eventually calm down in fact I’d appreciate that.

        Hands Off President Malema….Hands Off

        • "Your array of insults show your unjustified loathing of the individual." I am unjustified in loathing the condoning of rape and the subjugation of women?? Are you so completely blinded by your adoration of the man that you to make yourself equally guilty of the insults he hands out to all and sundry? You take issue with my "insults" yet seem to ignore the fact that Malema insults everyone he feels like, whenever he feels like. How is it okay for him to do it, but not me?

          "As a youth he’s not supposed to represent your views he’s supposed to implement your views." No. He is the one who claims to represent me with his constant "we the youth" line. I am amongst those that make up this "we the youth" group. And he does not represent me or my friends at all. As for implementing my views – if this were true he would have moved off the public stage a long time ago, for that is my view of him.

          "..what are you doing to get your views across except whining on blogs? I wonder what these views are that you feel Malema and the YL as a whole fail to represent." Probably a lot more than you are doing to promote the mans' point of view (whining on the same forums as I am by the way!). Come down off your high-horse every now and then and spend some time with the real youth of this nation and you'll find many with my "high standards".

          We the youth of SA are the young people who are sick to death of lies from politicians, tired of the constant revolutionary rhetoric, and we are forging our way through effort, hard work and education.

          We are not sitting waiting for the socialist revolution to come, expecting handouts and finding any excuse to blame our troubles on something that happened before we were born. We realize that a course of action such as that would destroy this nation in less time than Mugabe took to destroy Zim.

          And we are doing this in gender-respectful and multi-racial environments across the country. And we are doing it at the polls. And we are doing it without making a noise and without making a fuss. For example…

          Ever wonder why the YL website has no takers for the advertising space on the right of the screen? Ever stop and consider that even though there are some 30 odd job categories available under the "jobs" section of the website that there is not a single job vacancy listed? Not one. The events listings are empty. Heck, I can't even book a DJ through the site. Has it ever even registered a single conscious thought in that stubborn thick-headed blind loyalty to a fool head of yours that maybe, just maybe, no-one wants to be associated with Malema & the YL in any way, shape or form?

          • There you go again bashing the keyboard and making a spectacle of yourself. Your familiarity with his trademark "We the Youth" suggests that you listen attentively to his addresses every now and then

            but with objectivity and political context/framework thrown out the window. I wonder which youth you hang out with probably ignorant to social challenges, go shopping the whole day, meet for drinks just to complain about Juju. The YL has always been militant, revolutionary approach is the order of the day. It has never and will never be run like a book club. Who's sitting waiting for handouts? Not all are fortunate and privy to opportunities and it doesn't mean those that are

            unfortunate for whatever reason should be sidelined, cast-out and not integrated into the economy. We have to move forward to better our lives but it would be ignorant of you not to acknowledge why certain communities are impoverished as opposed to others. Reiterating the worn-out balderdash of SA turning into Zimbabwe exposes your naivety. Which of our Leaders are planning to brutalise certain sectors of the population, which of our Leaders are planning on running the economy into the ground, which of our Leaders don't have the interests of the Country at heart. Which of our Leaders don't embrace democratic processes, Which of our Leaders are planning on locking up opposition and the Press. So just because 'you and your friends' got it going on are you suggesting that the rest of the Youth who only have the Young Lions to directly address their needs should turn their backs on the YL and tell Malema to go play in the traffic?

            Not in this lifetime not even if ignorance and bias were intertwined.

            Again I reaffirm Malema is President of all the Youth in this country including your neighbours, closest relatives and those friends of yours you can't stop ranting and raving about, do a survey if you have any doubts poppet.

            Hands Off President Malema…Hands Off

          • My God, but you are a boring little man. The same lines over and over again. No substance to your points, no vision in your thinking. Just blind loyalty to an ignorant wannabe.

            Poppet??! What a patronising misogynistic little-man sexist you are – following in the steps of the great man himself I see. Next time though, you may want to try an insult that has less of a colonial, imperial British origin to it – it might help to make the rest of your misguided prattle sound a little more authentic (but it is a long shot.)

            Conversation over Juggernaut – I have wasted enough of my time on you. Besides, I have no time anyway, seeing as I spend it all "going out with my friends and talking about JuJu." Right?


            Tumi has left the building. Out.

  7. Rather interesting. Has few times re-read for this purpose to remember. Thanks for interesting article. Waiting for trackback

  8. Can the ardent JuJu supporter please give me one single example where nationalising enterprises and the promotion of a socialist revolutionary manifesto has been successfully implemented anywhere in the world?

    “Successful” in this case would constitute a society that is fair, where poverty is alleviated, where the leaders do not entrench themselves as “benevolent brother comrade leaders”, where national wealth is shared amongst ALL the citizens of the nation, not just by the few in positions of power.

    A nation where the leaders walk the same streets as the people, without the cavalcades, body guards and luxury trappings of the elitist, capitalist rich. A nation that respects the dignity and human rights of ALL of its’ citizens, whether they ask for taxi fare or not? A nation that does not require its’ citizens to undergo re-education in order to ensure that they can not tell the difference between a so-called socialist society and a dictatorship?

    Just one.


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