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Posted by on Aug 15, 2009 in Random | 9 comments

Well Done Officer


Not the authors' actually superbike! Voted! is much shorter than this rider! :)

VTR1000F [Source:]I ride a Superbike to work and back everyday, along a stretch of road known for high taxi volumes, in fact it is the main route from Thembisa to Alexander: Modderfontein Road – you may have heard of it?

Well more often than not there are Metro Cops all along the road keeping a watchful eye on the above mentioned taxi drivers. So this morning, a quiet morning, it was me, one taxi far ahead, and two Metro Officers.

The officers were running a “make shift” road block. You know the one were they just randomly select guilty looking vehicles? Well a Superbike is always a guilty looking vehicle and I get stopped in road blocks all the time. The general handling of this stop is normally very poor. Most times it is just to check that a numberplate exists, and that a licence disc is attached. Not today. Today was like no other.

The officer stopped me, at the last second, pulled me over and walked towards me. I never even switched the bike off as this normally does not last too long. He felt my numberplate for a “flap up” – you know, the thing we do at high speed on the highways. He checked the numbers correspond to the licence, made me run through all the indicators, brake and headlights. He even asked me for my licence. I normally just hand them my car licence but I figured this guy was for real so I gave him my actual bike learners. (3rd one – I cannot get a booking slot for the actual licence.) He actually read it, checked the validity dates and then started having a very light-hearted conversation with me.

This was very cool! I was impressed with him. He did his job well, and then wished me good day and even thanked me for being co-operative.

I therefore would like to thank him for doing his job very well. I hope it rubs off on a couple of the other officers.

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  1. Let's hope this is the new approach by Metro.

  2. JMPD have been getting so much bad press lately, they are probably on a bit of a charm offensive at the moment. Let's hope it lasts.

    As for the Superbike always looking guilty… In this case, I reckon it's probably more the bike rider that looks guilty!

    • HAHAHA! Thanks for the VOTE! of confidence!

    • Clever Kev! Hope this is the shape of things to come.

  3. By the way, that's not me in the picture, I would never ride a DUCATI!

  4. Are you absolutely sure it was a Metro Cop. And he was Souf Efrikan?

    In that case – there is hope yet.

    Shiver me timbers. Superbike?…….

    • Yes??? Why?

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