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Posted by on Sep 13, 2009 in BlaBla | 4 comments

Welcome Our New BlaBla Writers

Heck, it has been a busy week around the BlaBla office! Time to crack a lager, take a big breath and relax now though.

Most important thing to report on was the phenomenal response that we had to our “Write Stuff” campaign, calling for applications to write here at the BlaBla Blog. We’ve sifted through the applications, and have set-up shop with a number of new writers, all of whom will gradually make themselves know to you, our regular readers.

Some have already made their initial posts here, and I hope that you will support their writing and give them the feedback that we all love to receive, good or bad.

You can track the posts of your favourite BlaBla Writers by selecting their icon in the sidebar, and view their recent posts below their profile.

To all of the writers, bloggers, photographers and normal folk who have joined our collective, a very warm welcome! I hope you are able to find both the joy of writing and the pleasure of community in your time with us. To those who have applied and not heard back from us, do not despair: we may still do so. To those who applied and were turned down: we hope you understand the reasons, and do feel free to try again later.

Finally, if you are reading this and think you might like to try your hand at writing something of your own, feel free to follow the link in the advert, and send us an application.


  1. What he said! Very much.

  2. Oh and from me too.

  3. I am trying to upload a pic and keep getting an “HTTP ERROR*

    It’s not a big pic or anything, do you know what the problem could be?

    • Sorry to hear it's not happening for you TOC.

      Have mailed you with & for more info.

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