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Posted by on Jan 27, 2010 in Current Events, JoBra, Outdoors | 9 comments

Wacked Out Wet Weather

Visitors looking for information on dam levels and the opening of the Vaal Dams sluice gates should visit Voted’s page here: Dam levels in SA.

What is with all the rain in Jozi these past few weeks? The trouble all this damp, wet moisture is causing is getting ridiculous now.

The roads are a pothole nightmare where they have tar, a mud-bath swamp where they are sand. The traffic lights are failing left right and centre. The moss and mould is growing up the walls. The doors of the house are swollen and don’t open or close without great force.

And whenever there is a few hours respite from the rain, the mosquito swarms gather and attack together to make up for lost time.

We’ve had floods in places, storm water systems are struggling to cope throughout the city, a load of commuters got stranded on a low-water bridge and had to be rescued from the bus by emergency service staff. Sadly, the city has even seen a number of drownings. It’s a mess.

imageimageSince Greg and Bla have put the BBC weather forecast thing in the sidebar of the website (about a week ago) I have only ever seen it showing “Heavy Rain Shower” or “Light Rain Shower” forecasts. Is that really all you have got for us?!

I mean seriously. This is Jozi, Mzanzi! We are not used to the constant wet weather. An afternoon thunderstorm that thunders down for 15 minutes and disappears is what we’re used to. Our summer lives and lifestyles are geared around sunshine, warm evenings, short sleeves, cold beer. Not drizzle and damp.

Joburg is supposed to have an average rainfall in January of around 150mm, with an average of 15 wet days (i.e. days with more than 1mm of rain). And I accept that January is generally our wettest month of the year, but surely there is nothing average about January 2010.

So here’s my question: What’s gone wrong? Is this just a “freak weather” month? Or is this another small signal from Mama Nature that perhaps we have pushed her a light too far?


  1. I have not braai'd in weeks. This is really getting me down, my doors are also swollen shut. Business is suffering too, my hawkers cannot trade in this weather.

  2. Sun is shining, the weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.


  3. Vaal flood gates to be opened

    2010-01-27 11:34

    Johannesburg – The flood gates on the Vaal dam will be opened because of the ongoing rainfall and will lead to higher water levels along the Vaal river on Wednesday, Gauteng police warned.

    "Because of ongoing rainfall that impacts on the Vaal river water system, it has become a necessity for the relevant authorities to start with a co-ordinated opening of floodgates of the Vaal dam," Superintendent Eugene Opperman said.

    "This will bring about a significant rise in water levels along the Vaal river between the Vaal and Bloemhof dams.

    "Authorities request that no water craft of any nature should be operated on the stretch of river between [those] dams until further notice…

    "It will also be rather dangerous for people to go too near to the river's embankments during this time."

    He said boat owners who keep their crafts in sheds along this stretch of river should check on their boats as they could be damaged by the higher water level.

    – SAPA

    • Thanks for the Vaal Dam article & the dam levels link Voted! It proves what I said – we've got enough water & had enough rain already!

  4. The Sunny forecast for today has gone already. It is back to heavy rain shower now.

    And I promise it isn't my fault!

  5. Shame man!! On this side (Western Cape) Its really hot! Maybe pass a little bit of that rain this side.Or you can all come take a short holiday on this side of the world.


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