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Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in Featured, Politics | 7 comments

Voter Registration Drive

reg4-w600The eNews Channel carried a brief information note this morning that suggested the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) was concerned about the low number of newly-eligible young voters in South Africa who have registered to vote. If memory serves I think the figure was just 11%.

This coming weekend (05 – 06 February) is being used by the IEC as a voter registration weekend, with the aim being getting as many people registered to vote in the upcoming Local Municipal Elections. Whilst it would certainly have helped their cause if Government had released the date on which these elections will take place, (the date is still to be announced) I can’t help but think that the IEC haven’t done themselves many favours so far in their approach at promoting their Registration Drive.

With such a low percentage of new voters registered one would think that there would have been a more concerted and focussed effort to encourage young voters to register to vote. Yet the IEC’s “Love Your South Africa” promotional campaign has only come to prominence in the last few days. As Voted! noted on Tuesday “…you may have missed the MAJOR advertising campaign…”.

It’s a great campaign. Fantastic billboards, a neat television spot with Abdullah Ibrahim, and couple of radio spots. I like it a lot.

Yet the core group of voters who should be targeted with the encouragement to go out and register this weekend are really being served as effectively as possible. They should have been bombarded with media and adverts like these on Facebook pages, Twitter tweets, Mixit adverts and online banners and adverts on the sites and blogs that they visit.

I had to ‘steal’ the ad that we have running here on BlaBla as there are no embeddable image links, no video clips, no ‘copy this banner code and paste it on your web page’ options available to us. The images on this post (all showing the fantastic billboards put together for the campaign) I made by screen grabbing them from huge PDF files I found. I doubt many others would bother to do the same. (If you want to use my images on your site, feel free.)


To find Your Local Voting Station click here (at the moment I am not able to load this page for some reason…)

To get Your Voter Registration Status and Details, you can:

  • Enter your ID number on the Am I Registered? page
  • SMS your ID number to 32810 (R1 per SMS sent/received)
  • Call the IEC toll-free (from a landline) on 0800 11 8000

Voting stations are scheduled to be open from 8am-5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.


    • That’s what I meant to say!
      (Sorry, didn’t realise that you’d posted here as well. My bad for confusing the issue!)

  1. Love your work dude!

  2. Hi, I was just wondering if you knew any way to get hold of the radio spots?

    • Hi Candi (& Nat below)

      I’ve done some hunting and so far only managed to come up empty-handed. Sadly. I have sent requests to both the IEC media office and to TWA Hunt-Lascaris (the agency who developed the campaign) for more info. Let’s see if we get any responses.

      • thanks so much for trying. I have also emailed them but unfortunately have recieved no replies as of yet.

  3. Also looking for the radio spots… PLEASE!!!

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