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Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in Politics, South Africa, Voted | 2 comments

Voter Registration Challenge

We all love a good challenge don’t we……….So here goes a challenge for you.

I challenge you to get one, or more, unregistered VOTER! registered this weekend for the upcoming Local Government Elections. Voter registration happens this weekend, 5-6 Feb.

In the 20 to 29 age group there are an estimated 9.5 million eligible voters yet 5.1 million or only 53.7% are registered to vote. If we unpack the figures further:  Only 50.6% of the males or 5 in 10 in this category are registered to vote while 56.7% or nearly 6 in 10 of the women in this group are registered to vote. This stands in stark contrast to the approximate 93% of people who are 30 years and older who have registered as voters.

So let’s try get some youth registered this weekend. Even if we have to drag them kicking and screaming, it is for their own good you know.

Currently the breakdown for registered voters is as follows:

Province Registered Voters
Eastern Cape 2 972 815
Free State 1 343 448
Gauteng 5 422 557
KwaZulu-Natal 4 386 187
Limpopo 2 241 132
Mpumalanga 1 656 808
North West 1 521 259
Northern Cape 538 814
Western Cape 2 584 861
TOTAL 22 667 881

How do I register?

To vote in National, Provincial and Municipal elections, you have to register as a voter. You only have to register once, unless your voting district changes.

Who can register?

You must:

  • be a South African citizen;
  • be at least 16 years old; and
  • have a green, bar-coded ID book.

When can I register?

You can register at any time, however to be able to vote in a specific election, you must register before the election date is proclaimed (published in the Government Gazzette) by the President. The Voters’ Roll for a specific election closes at 5pm on the day of proclamation. Contact your Municipal Electoral Office for details.

Where can I register?

Register during announced registration weekends at your voting station (in the voting district where you live). Where is my voting station?

You can also register at your local Municipal Electoral Office during office hours.

What must I bring?

You need to register in person. Bring your:

  • South African, green, bar-coded ID book
  • Valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) if you don’t have an ID book

What happens when I register?

  1. Go to the voting station or Municipal Electoral Office
  2. Fill in an Application for Registration as a Voter form
  3. Your ID book is scanned
  4. A bar-coded sticker is pasted in your ID book

When do I have to re-register?

You only have to re-register when:

  • Your home address changes
  • We inform you that your voting district has changed

How do I know if or where I’m registered?

You can check your registration status by:

  • sending an SMS with your ID number to 32810 or
  • using our Am I Registered? web page.

If you’re registered, you will be informed of your voting station details.

Note: It can take up to a week for your registration to be processed.

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  1. Hi Voted! I am having real trouble deciding who to vote for and so are all the ppl I know. I for one don’t want that clown Zuma in office again. Is there any way you can enlighten us on the various options and what’s good about them? You seem to have your head in it and I think we can trust you to remain unbiased in your response?

    • In black townships fires blaze
      “Prospects better”, Premier says
      “Within sight are golden days”

      You can’t change the world,
      But you can change the facts.
      And when you change the facts,
      You change points of view.
      If you change points of view,
      You may change a vote.

      And when you change a vote,
      You may change the world.

      Come change her vote, Voted!

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