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Posted by on Aug 23, 2010 in Families, News, Rugby, Voted | 6 comments

VOTED Takes the Family to FNB Stadium

The last time I was at FNB STADIUM it was still a construction site. It formed part of Greg, Mrs VOTED and my photobook for the YMJG Ama-Zing race.

So this was to be our first LIVE event at the newly rebuilt 92000 seater stadium. And as it would be, a completely SOLD OUT stadium. We would contribute to 20 of the sold tickets. The event? An epic one if ever there was.

The TRI NATIONS clash between bitter rivals. SOUTH AFRICA vs. NEW ZEALAND, add to that the first ever RUGBY TEST in SOWETO and you have the makings of a day to remember. But that’s not all, as they say in the classics, add to that JOHN WILLIAM SMIT’s 100th test cap and the expectations go through the roof.

We took the Rea Vaya from Constitution Hill, painless. Parking was plentiful. Up the stairs, in the Que and we were on the next bus. A short trip down the road and we stopped outside what must be the most impressive piece of industrial art Johannesburg has to offer. The stadium is massive, or should I say HUGE! We got there the same time as the METRORAIL train, so the human numbers were incredible. Yet the stadium swallowed us up like planton to a whale shark. Within a few minutes we had passed through the turnstiles and were in the stadium.

We found our seats and were ready for the game! The kids were bouncing all over the place, waving flags and singing songs. The stadium announced the entrance of John Smit and the CROWED WENT MAD! It was like someone turned up the volume to 10. Then the national anthems. A silent stadium for the Kiwi’s and then it was our turn. Nkosi Sikelele I Afrika rang out and the volume just got louder. The crowed shouted out the words at the top of their voices. GOOSEBUMPS all round. Next was the HAKA, and the crowed started singing OLE, OLE, Ole……once agian at an even higher volume. This was MADNESS! The feeling of unity rippled across your skin. I was blown away by the sound. It must have been amazing for the players on the pitch.

The game started and the bokke were the best team on the field, for the first 78 minutes unbeatable. Then a forward pass was overlooked by the ref and linesman and the ALL BLACKS scored the equalizer. Not a minute later another try by the visitors and a conversion to follow. That put the nail in the coffin.

The game was lost, hearts were broken, but spirits were not beaten. The crowed filtered out, sad but smiling. Smiling at the fact that they had been there on that historic day. We got on the bus, two stops and back at Con Hill. Of the bus in the car and off to our favorite haunt. A couple of pizzas, some more beer and a PATRON or ten and we were happy again. Home safe and smiling.

I loved it, even with the sad ending, my family were unanimous. One of our best days out ever. Go have a look at us on the PLAYER23 FANCAM. We are the ones in green and gold, holding SA FLAGS and cheering.


  1. I felt your excitement reading this 🙂

  2. I see me & I see D. I don't see no u

    • I am the one in the SA FLAG CAP looking down. a couple of spaces to the left of you guys, almost looks like /i am in the row behind you.

      • Hey Guys

        Glad you're enjoying the fancam, we launched some new features yesterday which will help you better spot each other.
        The Fancam now comes with Facebook integration, which allows you to tag yoursefl or Facebook friends and allows us to display your name above you picture.
        As with the Fancam, it's complicated to explain, but easy to use.
        Go have a look, log into Facebook and tag again – then we can put some names to those faces.


        • Thanks for the update Tinus!! Go to it you fans!

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