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Posted by on Oct 30, 2008 in Random | 1 comment

Vote in the US Elections – Sort Of…

Here’s a fairly novel idea. Three guys in Iceland (of all places!) get together and decide that it would be interesting to find out what the entire planet would do if we could all vote in next weeks’ US Presidential elections. (Probably a little too much of the local hooch involved somewhere in that conversation…!) set up a site open to anyone to cast a single vote for either Barack Obama or John McCain and then plot the results on a world map, and tally votes by country as well.

We’ve just been there and slapped our virtual X on our preferred candidate. Obama is holding a huge lead at the moment (with 87% of the votes cast so far), and if the world could actually influence the US elections, he would take the Oval Office in an absolute landslide.

Over half a million people from all over the world (206 countries represented) have voted so far – 1,763 of them South Africans. Go get your vote counted too and let’s help the Icelandic Three reach their one million virtual votes before next Tuesday!

[Wonder if we could get something similar up to do a spot poll right here – a test of political mood in South Africa right now? Zuma, Motlantla, Zille, Shilowa, Lekota on an electronic “what-if” ballot for a fictitious race to the Union Buildings & Tuinhuis.]

1 Comment

  1. Just been there and see they now have over 613,000 votes cast. SA voters are up to 2,200 almost, and stats are 100% for Obama.

    Thanks for the great link Bla

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