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Posted by on Jun 6, 2012 in Video | 0 comments

Video: Die Antwoord – Baby’s On Fire

Baby, Yolandi Visser is on Fire!Filmed locally and directed by the Zef Master Ninja himself, here is the official video for Die Antwoords’ latest single Baby’s On Fire.

As normal with anything Die Antwoord related, this video and song are most definitely and most decidedly NSFW: Not Suitable For Work.

In fact, if the SA Film & Publications Board were asked to rate it, even though it’s a piece of performance art, they would slap it with a R-18+ rating, citing all of the following as reasons:

  • Language, Nudity, Profanity,
  • Blasphemy, Sex, Violence,
  • Blood & Gore scenes,
  • Drug & Alcohol References,
  • Portraying Racial Stereotypes,
  • Inappropriate Representation of Motorcycle Riding,
  • Use of Motorcycles and Motor Vehicles Without Legislated Safety Equipment,
  • Mullets, Poor White Trash,
  • Possible Xenophobic Inferences by Whites Trying to be Coloureds, and
  • Possible Abuse of Children who are made to Dress and Dance like Strippers.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT, watch this video if you are underage or in any way offended by anything. Anything at all.

Personally, I LOLed. Once. And then it got boring.

Best bits – the slogan on the front and back of Yolandi’s top, and her asking God to bless Satan when she says grace. In fact, the whole intro scene is funny as heck. The rest of the video, not as much.

The song itself though? Not enjoying it so much personally. Maybe I’ve lost my zefness. Or something.

The Answer will be live in Souff Afreeka this week before they jet off on an extended jaunt through Europe and the States:

yo we playing in durban on friday (8th june)
then pretoria on saturday (9th june)
then spain, luxemborg, germany, switzerland, poland, italy, france, belgium, ireland, uk, paris, amsterdam,
lollapolooza in chicago, minneapolis, denver, pomona, san fran, philly and brooklyn NYC

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