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Posted by on Dec 3, 2009 in Random | 4 comments

untitled continued

The Monday morning started with Miranda getting up and deciding today was

The day, today she would leave Paul, today she would reclaim her life, today

she would do something to change the course of her life. Everything was

perfect, she got dressed in her new jeans and t shirt, fed the cats and wham,

it hit her, what if she could not find a place to stay where her cats were

allowed, the first of many what if’s.

Miranda sat down, took a deep breath and decided that she would find a

Place her cats were welcome, there was no uncertainty there, she would do it

And it had to be today, Paul was away until Wednesday, so she had 3 days

to house hunt, pack and move before she saw his face again and her resolve went.

Off she went to the local estate agent, to say they were unhelpful was an

understatement, they all looked at her as if she was asking for a green moon

served on a platter, all she wanted was any sized place anywhere in town

only condition was cats had to be allowed, oh and the price must not be

more than R2000 a month.


  1. I found your blog on MSN Search. Nice writing. I will check back to read more.

    Eric Hundin

    • thank you, this is a story i have been playing around with, have 3 ideas for endings

  2. Read it today

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