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Posted by on Dec 4, 2009 in Random, Writing | 1 comment

untitled continued more

Miranda wondered if it was the cats or the price that made the woman go

pink in the face and run out of the office.

Deciding that the estate agency was a very bad idea, Miranda went to the

coffee shop on the corner; the one she always looked at but never stopped

at for fear that the really nice looking gentleman there would try and talk to

her. Today she stopped, bought the local paper, ordered a cappuccino and sat down, opened the paper straight to the classified and started house hunting, no rather home hunting, she wanted a place to call home.

Her nose buried in the paper, purple pen in her hand, she heard a deep voice

say “Hello ” next to her, she looked up finger on the ad she had just been

reading to see who was trying to get her attention. It was the nice looking

gentleman who just happened to look even nicer up close. She swallowed hard and tried not to blush, not an easy thing as Miranda tended to blush at the drop of a hat.

Charles introduced himself to Miranda and asked to join her, poor Miranda was so taken aback all she could do was nod and smile at him, and
she hoped it was a smile but knowing her luck it would have come out as a mix between a grimace and the look someone has when attempting to not pass wind in public. Charles sat down and took at look at what Miranda had been so intent on reading.

A quizzical lock crossed Charles’s face as he saw Miranda had circled a few places on the paper, so this stunning woman was house hunting, but she had a wedding ring on her finger and all the places she had circled were too small for a couple. Charles decided to ask her what she was looking for. Miranda leant back and started talking, telling him about the torturous marriage she was in, the husband who never noticed her, hated her cats, the attempt at changing her hair colour, that she failed miserably at since she could not decide on the new colour and ended up not taking a risk, her loneliness, she rambled on and on. Charles started getting worried as it seemed she did not stop to take a breath. He reached over and touched her hand, telling her to take a walk with him, he might just know of the perfect place for her and her cats.

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