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Posted by on Dec 2, 2009 in Random, Writing | 6 comments

untitled at the moment, work in progress

Red or brown, it should have been a simple, easy decision but as with all the

decisions she currently had to make this one was proving to be one of the

hardest. The uncertainty of it all. The old wives tale that a change was as

good as a holiday seemed a good idea at the time but now it came to the

crunch and if Miranda could not even decide between changing her flowing

locks from Blond to red/ brown / green/ orange, was there any hope for her?

Her mother had taught her from being a small child that there was no such a

thing as “What If” once you make a decision that’s it stick to it and make

the best of it. For that very reason Miranda woke up one day after many

months of uncertainty and walked out of her marriage, taking only the slow

cooker which held her husbands lamb stew, which just happened to be his

favourite meal. That would be his final punishment.


  1. BITCH! Well, very clever, but BITCH anyway!

    • well wait for remainder of the story as to why she is like she is

  2. Oh. Ouch.

    Nice one Orchid. Has a ring of the poetic justice to it that I like so much. Personally though, I would have left the stew after lacing it with laxatives, but that's just my mean streak.

    Welcome to BlaBla – I think it's going to be a very worthwhile relationship 🙂

    • poetic justice is the best

  3. I like Miranda! You go girl!!

    & go with blonde for the hair, its true that we have more fun!

    • thanks, blond hair is what she has she wants a change

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