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Posted by on Jul 22, 2009 in Random | 3 comments

Unionise, Not Nationalise

I was watching Jeremy Maggs interview Sakkie from NUM on eNEWS last night, regarding the horrendous death of more miners when it hit me!

1. Jeremy Maggs is a sensationalist twit.
2. Sakkie is a unionized twit.
3. Government, as a tester, should UNIONISE  a couple of mines, put Julias Malema and Sakkie in charge and let them see how it works out.

It is all good and well that the Unions fight for workers rights and demand big business stops paying bonuses and pays higher wages outright, but how sustainable is that ?

The Unions speak at us from their pulpit as if we have never worked a hard days labour in our life! Come on chaps, that’s not the way to unite the country!

I have often experienced times when I have given labourers safety briefings/training/equipment and then finding them doing it the old unprotected way two minutes later.

Also, how can you honestly hold a CEO of a mine responsible for seismic tremors????

Give the UNIONS some mines, a bus company, an electricity supplier and a supermarket and let’s see how they come up with better ways of doing business……


  1. As a ex-mine shift leader I can tell you that the unions are dead set against implementing modern safety in the mines because many of the devices, tools and stuff to make minework safer is mechanical and computerised. They will lose jobs. Much better for them in there minds to continue to have miners die using old fashioned out of date methods and systems. then they can carry on taking the money from the workers and carry on blaming the mine owners for the deaths.

  2. Yes and then there is also that little thing called UNION subscription fees, per person…..less people less money.

  3. That's what Fernando said too: ' then they can carry on taking the money from the workers "

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