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Posted by on Jan 6, 2010 in Current Events, Families, Relationships, Voted | 8 comments

Understanding the ZULU Culture

Zulu warriors, late nineteenth century  (Europ...

As a previously advantaged individual, I have little understanding of our countries Bantu cultures.

I can speak and understand enough Zulu to get me in and out of trouble, yet I have very little cultural knowledge. I am trying to understand the legal, personal and social consequences of being “married” to more than one woman at a time. This is obviously brought on by our presidents’ latest wedding and impending wedding.

He now has been married 5 times. That to me is not an issue, my issue is the 3 wives that he currently claims ownership of. He has been legally divorced from one, so how many is he legally married to at the moment? Three? Is a traditional wedding legally binding? Does one get married twice, once under traditional terms and once under legal terms?

As a modern women how do they feel about not being his only woman? The guy has many, many children running around. Obviously this boosts his manly image yet does not encourage wise sexual behaviour. Is this “tradition” still a viable option in these modern times?

My previously advantaged wife would have my nuts handed back to me by her lawyer on the steps of the high court if I tried this stunt…


  1. Umm, an article from the NYP in 1888??!!

    Wow, is there anything that this interwebnets-thingie doesn't remember?

    • I chose that article because thats how old fashioned this whole thing is……

    • Is there anything GOOGLE cannot find?

    • If my understanding is correct, the first wife has to approve the second or third marriage….wonder how this happend?

  2. a lot of previously advantaged people do have more than one wife – the first wife just doesn't know about them

    • Not really wives, just places to relieve the tension brought on by the first wife…..

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