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Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in Entertainment, Featured, Music, South Africa | 217 comments

U2 Ticket Prices & Stadium Plans for Joburg & Cape Town 2011 360° Degree Tour

More detailed information about the U2 360° Live Concert Tour ticket prices as well as Stadium Seating Plans for both the South Africa venues – FNB Stadium & Cape Town Stadium

Information detailing U2 Concert Parking, Transportation and Park-and-Ride/Park-and-Rail plans can be found here

Johannesburg: Sunday, 13 February 2011

Venue: FNB Stadium/Soccer City (±100,000 capacity)

Show Times: 20h00 – 23h00

Gates Open: 16h30

Support Artists: TBC

Ticket Categories & Pricing:

  • R2,568 = Unreserved Standing in VIP (RED) Zone*
  • R1,070 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 101-108, 119-133, 144-150, 202A-206, 213-223 & 232-234A
  • R963 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 134-143 & 224-231
  • R856 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 207-212, 500-527 & 541-545
  • R696 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 109-118
  • R401 = Unreserved Standing in General Admission Field
  • R161 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 528-540

Stadium Plan: (Stage placement not to scale) U2_SoccerCityStadium-Layout

Cape Town: Friday, 18 February 2011

Venue: Cape Town Stadium (±75,000 capacity)

Show Times: 20h00 – 23h00

Gates Open: 16h30

Support Artists: TBC

Ticket Categories & Pricing:

  • R2,568 = Unreserved Standing in VIP (RED) Zone*
  • R963 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 101-105, 130-132, 112-119 & 213-219
  • R856 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 120-129 & 220-229
  • R535 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 304-315
  • R428= Reserved Seating in Blocks 322-333
  • R401 = Unreserved Standing in General Admission Field
  • R161 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 106-111 & 204-212

Stadium Plan: (Stage placement not to scale)


* The (RED) Zone Tickets:

The very limited capacity (RED) Zones, are two high profile General Admission standing areas located on the field directly adjacent to each of the stage runways (see the image below).

For the South African concerts access to these areas is limited to just 800 ticket holders per show. (It’s unclear if this number is 800 per zone or 800 in total.)

redzones (RED) Zone ticket holders will enjoy:

  • The only reserved General Admission VIP standing area nearest the stage
  • Entering the Stadium through an assigned VIP entrance/gate
  • Avoiding lines and still be beside the stage regardless of your arrival time
  • Being greeted in by (RED) Zone Hosts
  • And more…! (at other venues this included access to dedicated merchandise and concessionaire stands, pre-show waiting seats outside the Zone, and a selected group taken on a pre-show stage tour – all of these features are not yet confirmed for SA though.)

U2 is donating their net proceeds from (RED) Zone tickets to support (RED) and the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. So far the (RED) products campaign has supported programs that have reached more than four million people. Visit: for more information.

Computicket are the only authorised U2 360° Concert Tour ticket sales agents for South Africa

Tickets can be purchased from 09h00 on Saturday, 23 October 2010:

  • online at – credit card required
  • telephonically through the Computicket Call Centre on 011 340 8000 or 083 915 8000 (calls charged at R2.85 per minute) – credit card required
  • at any Computicket outlet (including in-store branches at Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper and House & Home stores countrywide) – all payment methodsImportant Notes:TICKETS WILL NOT BE ISSUED BEFORE 10 January 2011. Only RECEIPTS will be issued when booking tickets.
    From 10 January 2011, receipts can be exchanged for tickets at any Computicket outlet, Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper store before the event as there will be no collection facilities at the venue.
    ID and credit card used to make the booking must be presented when collecting tickets and receipts.

    Ticket Limits will be in place:

    Saturday 23 October:
    8 tickets per person through Computicket stores.
    8 tickets per person through call centre
    8 tickets per person through Computicket web
    From Sunday 24 October:
    20 tickets per person through Computicket stores.
    10 tickets per person through call centre
    10 tickets per person through Computicket web

Pre-sales of tickets are available for paid site subscribers from 09h00 on Wednesday, 20 October through until 12h00 noon on Friday, 22 October.

  • membership costs US$50 for an annual subscription
  • Members will require their PreSale Code allocated on signing up
  • Ticket pricing is not discounted for pre-sale purchases

More U2 360° Concert Tour Information and Details on our other related BlaBla Blog posts:


  1. Thanks Greg, and thanks for a great informative site!

  2. Firstly, let me say thanks and congrats to for the amazing amount of information you’ve provided regarding U2’s SA tour. You’ve made a lot of folks lives a little easier 🙂

    Do you have any idea how high the stage is that the band will play on ?

    I ask because we’ve got tickets for Cape Town, block 115, row 3. Do you think we’ll get a decent view from here ?

    • Hi Jen

      That’s incredibly kind of you to say – thank you!

      CT Block 115 is the same block that I have! We’ll be a couple of rows further away from you. Coincidence? No. Great thinking and good decision making 🙂

      (At least I hope so!)

      I choose there on the assumption that we’d have a solid side-on view to the main stage, and be able to watch everything clearly between the front and back legs. If I misjudged the depth of the set and the height of the stage and ramps, I’ll be very sad.

      Here’s what I managed to find out about the stage itself:

      The architect for the 360º stage was Mark Fisher – he also did the ZooTV and PopMart for U2. From a press release off his company (StuFish) site I found this bit of info:

      The superstructure
      Across stage width across bases – 64m (210ft)
      Up/down stage width across bases – 48.5m (159ft) < -- this bit's important, it tells us the space between the front and back "Claws"
      Height of superstructure – 30m (100ft)

      Ellipse major axis – 22.5m (74ft)
      Ellipse minor axis – 15.5m (51ft)
      Height 2.5m – (8ft 3in) < -- there's the bit we want!

      B stage runway
      Ellipse major axis 53m – (174ft)
      Ellipse minor axis 46m – (151ft)
      Width 2.4m – (8ft)
      Height 1.3m – (4ft 4in) < -- and there's the other bit too!

      I’ve not been to the CT Stadium myself, so can’t be certain how high off field level the seats are. The other thing I’m not certain about is how the rows are numbered – is Row #1 closest to the field or at the top of the Block? (If anyone does know the answer to this bit of info please let us know)

      So, as long as the stage is set up on the side that the seating plans indicate, we should be aces with the seats we have. I guess we’re just going to have to wait until Feb to see for sure.

      See you there – I’ll be the one singing completly off key and pretending I know all the words to every song 🙂

  3. Well done with the comprehensive info…
    Any idea what merchandise wil be available to purchase and price?
    Here’s to a great start to 2011!

    • Not offhand Willy, unfortunately. But I will do some scouting about and see what I can come up with for you in a while.

      Stay tuned to BlaBla for updates.

  4. hi all

    this was stressfull to book tickets on comuticket, there are not allot left, I wanted ticket at the joburgh show in box 150 and was only able to get in box 234. Tickets are selling like crazy….I suppose this is going to be the best show, we will ever see.

    Beatrix, Centurion South Africa

    • Glad that you got tickets Beatrix. You’re right about the best show ever. I’ll be putting up a couple of video clips soon to help everyone get an idea of what’s in store for us in Feb – stay in touch with us for updates coming soon.

  5. Great site guys,thanks for the effort.
    Was up on early Wed so Block 124 right up front at FNB, cant wait. Was looking at the site and they also reference a home printable option for tickets(not available for this concert it seems). I guess this one has been abused in the past and people have printed 50 copies and sold them, and then only the first person to get through the gate gets in (as the unique bar code has now been used). Perhaps this is the last chance option if the snail mail tickets do not arrive. But like all, I hope Computicket issues us tickets and then whatever arrives by post will be a bonus to add to my collection under my bar counter glass.

    • Am thinking the same thing Derek. A 360 Degree branded ticket/receipt will make a great momento.

      And like the note from Big Concerts says, we’ll “still be issued with a ticket from Computicket” so here’s hoping that’s how it happens.

  6. I was truly amazed by the lack of queing at the outlets on Saturday.
    I woke up at 3am and went to three different outlets before i found a queue (2 guys that had been there since 10pm the night before).
    30 minutes later our number had doubled and stayed that wy till 6am. the people only really started to arrive from about 8am.
    i bought 7 pre-sale tickets for myself the day before and then offered to queue for freinds and family to buy another 9 tickets, just so i could experience the vibe… so much for that. internet has ruined queing parties forever. 🙁
    but anyway, got the 9 tickets by 9:15am and laughed at all the online wannabe bookers that ended up going down to the outlets anyway.

    • Oh… i almost forgot… don’t even think that any of you will be ahead of me in the queue for inner circle tickets… this cannot be done online. 🙂 bwahahaha

      • Stay tuned to BlaBla for a Inner Circle guide coming up soon David. You may think you have the best approach to get to the front of the stage, but we like sharing stuff around here so we’ll be helping others get to the Inner Circle as well. We’re all for equal opportunities you know 🙂

  7. How apt is it for U2 to be playing in a “Little Shanty Town, Outside Johannesburg”?

    • And on a “Sunday, bloody Sunday” nogal!!

      • Ahh you guys! Very clever both of you. It’s gonna be a “Beautiful Day” indeed.

        Let me hear the sound, let me hear the sound, let me hear the sound!

  8. Great info!
    Started just before 9am on Sat – battled to buy my tickets via main site and mobi site, but eventually mobi site worked. @ 9:42! So 40 odd mins of clicking and refreshing I think was a lot better than standing in a long queue (esp cos I could do it in my PJs wth a few cups of coffee) …
    Also got the tickets I wanted!
    So all is good!
    Does anyone know if the Metrorail train will have special runs that day to/from FNB Soccer City? Would prefer that to driving there or doing the Park n Ride thing.

    • Hi Grant. Thanks for the stop by. And apologies also for the slow response…

      I definitely think both Joburg and Cape Town metros and transport departments will be in on the plan – these are going to be crowds larger than the football matches. There’s simply not enough space around the stadium precincts to accommodate all the possible cars. Definitely thick park & ride would be the way to go myself.

  9. Hi Greg,

    after 7 hours of stress, we finally got our tickets on saturday!!! Not really the ones we wanted (apparently the red zone tickets were already sold out after the pre-sale), but we got very good seats in block 219, sec level, looks to me there even first row of the balcony.
    Its my 6th time with U2, but the first time I see them here in South Africa!! I immigrated 10 years ago and thats how long I have been waiting for them to find their way to SA again!! SO THRILLED! Ive seen the show last year in Germany and as always they were brilliant and Snow Patrol was a damn good support act, but I wonder if they will make it here. Guess U2 will choose a local band, if they do at all (but they usually do)!
    Very excited that my husband can join me for the first time either. I know that the normally not allowing any big cameras (as mentioned by you before). Are u sure about the videocams (small ones for private use)though??
    Well, thanks anyway for this gorgeous site you put together, the most informative and professional one, Ive seen for such an event. Was extremely helpful!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    • Hi Rateljie – apologies for not replying sooner. It seems I missed a couple of comments in the flood…

      You realise how jealous we are that you’ve made 5 U2 concerts already!? We’ve been waiting 13 years to get to see them for just the 2nd time.

      There does seem to be a fair amount of support for Snow Patrol to appear here. Fans voting in our poll seem split between them and Muse as support acts. Have you voted?

      As for the cameras, I think you should be okay with a small compact video camera. A compact camera that has the ability to shot video. There’s certainly a lot of fan clips all over the web to suggest that you can get video camera’s in. My comment regarding them in the stadiums came directly from the “Prohibited” section on the Computicket site: “Prohibited: Media equipment of non-accredited media personnel, Video cameras and cameras with large detachable flashes”. If your devices is a compact recorder, not too obvious, you may be okay. I’d still be worried that you’d get stopped by an over-zealous security person at the gates if it was anything more than that though.

  10. Got my tickets at Checkers in Westville on Saturday!!! Yahooooo! Cant wait 🙂

  11. Hey I got Red Zone tickets on pre-sale and am really glad. The fact that the net profits are being donated to charity is the cherry on top. I have already seen though trying to sell tickets at a mark up. It’s sad that people are trying to make a quick buck from a charitable cause.

    I have just noticed that VIP packages are being sold now that advertises a hospitality package with prime concert seating for R3000. If there is a possibility of changing Red Zone tickets to a hospitality package through Big Concerts by paying in the difference, what do you think the best concert viewing experience will be? Red Zone or VIP seats?. Not sure where exactly these seats would be. Do you have any thoughts on this?

    And thanks for all the fab info on this site;-)

    • Hi Tima

      Glad to hear that you are finding the info useful. Thanks for saying so 🙂

      This new development does raise a bit of a quandary for those like you with RedZone tickets. I don’t envy the decision.

      My opinion: The upgrade offer is what I would take. It’s going to cost you R450-odd extra but I think that may be worth it. See it as a once-in-a-lifetime thing. For that extra money you’re getting a bit of VIP treatment, a gift pack, the possibility to score a stage tour, decent seats and stadium parking. Think how much the parking alone will be worth in hassle-saving after the traffic chaos during the WC! I think I’d wait for clarification on where these “prime seats” will be, which should happen this morning sometime. And if they are only reasonable at worst, I’d do the VIP thing myself.

      If you land up with more parking access tickets than you need, you know that I’d appreciate them! Let us know what you decide.

      – anyone reading this who is not sure what Tima and I are on about, check this post for the news

      • Hi..thanks for the advice. I am more concerned about a better viewing spot, although the parking is a definite plus. As per the last FB update, VIP seats are tier one seating nearest to the stage between the stage legs. Where exactly is that? And as Karen asked, are they a better option than Red Zone from a location point of view? I gather no matter where you are, you will be able to see based on the set-up. It’s just a matter of how big/small Bono and the boys will be. I would rather be closer than further.

        • Hi again Tima

          “tier one seating nearest to the stage between the stage legs” would be in the lowest tier of seats closest to the field, with a side view of the stage. On the FNB stadium chart in my post look around blocks 102 -105 & 122 – 125 on the opposite side. Check the 2nd of the video clips in my reply to Karen below for a feel of what to expect view wise. From the seats you’ll have a clear view of the nearside action and the video screens for all the rest. Let me know if that makes sense to you. If not, I’ll see if I can track down a better visual for you.

  12. Hi Greg, Thanks for all the advice. You guys should be the official U2 web innfo. I am concerned about the VIP tickets. Will they be in a better seating (or standing position) compatred to the red zone? I have red zone tickets and will upgrade if the tickets are better. Are you able to clarify where they will be and how many will be sold, or is this just an opportunity to fleece avid U2 fans?

    • Hi Karen – Thanks for your kind words.

      I’m feeling your (and Tima’s) collective pain here. Fortunately for me the RedZone or VIP question is a non-issue – I can’t afford either 🙂 But for you I’m sure it’s causing a fair bit of concern.

      I can’t tell you whre the seats they are offering with the VIP deal are. Tima (in the comment just above this one) picked up that they would be “tier one nearest the stage, between the stage legs”. If that’s accurate I’m guessing blocks 103/104/105 at FNB and 102/103 in CTown, or possibly the corresponding blocks on the opposite side. I saw a comment earlier that they would be in “West stand central Level 2, 3 or 4 or in the hospitality suites round the bowl on Level 3 and 4.” Which is absolutely useless info unless you are intimately familiar with the stadium layout and level number and where West is 🙂 We’re not.

      Compared to the RedZone and the closeness to the stage, there is no debate though. RedZones are the areas directly alongside the outer ramp on each side of the stage. VIPs are getting seats. If you want closer then the RedZone is where you should stay.

      I found two video clips that might be interesting for you (and Tima of course!) to watch:

      The first was filmed from inside the RedZone. Note that this is a flat standing area, look at all of the mobile camera operators in the audience there! But also how close Bono gets to the audience. Remember though that you’ll have the Inner Circle people in front of you as well when the action is on the main centre stage.

      The second was filmed from seats on a lower tier directly behind the RedZone. Seems fairly close to the action, and with a higher perspective. Much broader view of the stage and outer ring ramp on the side nearest the seats. Not so great a view of the opposite side of the stage, but a terrific overview of the crowd, the screens and the claw itself.

      [youtube HjR-AN878Nk]

      [youtube W1PwZ3LCHzo]

      I guess it really all depends on how close you want to be, and judging from your FB comment and your note here, like I said, RedZone will definitely have you physically closer to the stage.

      • Dear Greg…wow thanks so so much for the info. For now am sticking with those red zone tickets. With the size of soccer city, until I’m certain where those seats are, I happy with the tickets I have.

        @BIg Concerts….please give Greg a VIP package for all his hard work and superb info!!!!! He really has been doing a fantastic job I’m sure you’ll agree…:-)

        • Glad I could help Tima – either way you are going to have an absolute jol I’m sure!

          And as for your @Big Concerts note – from your lips to their ears 🙂 Thanks for the vote of support.

  13. Been getting hyped up early,watching Rattle and Hum….
    It seems that no DVD was made of the Wembley 360 tour,any idea if the Jozie show will be Dvd’d?
    Before we know it, U2 will be here!

    • As far as I know Willy, the only 360 tour film produced has been the Pasadena Rose Bowl concert, and there’s no indication anywhere that I can find of plans to film any others for commercial release. That said, it is fairly common practice these days for large-scale tour productions like this one to record both the feed from the stadium cameras and the audio from the sound board for possible future use, so you never known.

      The DVD that is out is called U2 – 360° At The Rose Bowl. It is available locally on 24-hour delivery from for less than R150.00 (or at any decent music store I’m sure.)

      The good people over at Big Concerts have promised us a copy of it, which we’re waiting to receive at the moment. Soon as, we’ll get it into a giveaway of some sort for one lucky BlaBla reader/subscriber/fan. Keep an eye out for that.

      • Maybe a friendly reminder to them?

        Should we start a PLAYLIST request for the concert?

  14. Hi, any idea where the new release seats (R749) are situated in the CT stadium? Are they worth the money?

  15. Hi

    Need help. Bought my tickets through the U2.COM pre-sales and received my confirmation email, with reference number and tickets serial numbers from, but I have not received my tickets yet. I assumed they would be posted. Will I be able to get my tickets through Computicket on 10 January (as with all the other Computicket tickets) with the confirmation email.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Clint

      We’re in exactly the same situation as you, with tickets ordered via eTix on the subscriber pre-sale. My understanding is that ticket purchase confirmations will be posted to us from the States sometime during this week – the first week of January.

      These will not be usable entry tickets as they are in a different format to the ones that the stadium access scanners are able to read. Therefore, we’ll need to take these confirmations to a Computicket outlet and get from them our official entry tickets. In the same way that those who purchased directly from Computicket will need to take their receipt to collect entry tickets from next week.

      Hopefully you (and us!!) will get the ticket confirmations in the mail shortly, and all will be well.

      I’ll keep you posted as to when mine arrive in the mail if you’d be kind enough to do the same?

  16. Hi

    I am coming alone from Mauritius to release my dream of seeing U2!! I’ll be attending the perf in J’burg at FNB. Anyone knows a Mauritian also attending so I can make contact? I am not quite comfortable to be all alone in the stadium with no one i know…and anyone can advise me an affordable secured place near FNB to stay?? Pleaseeeeeee help!!!!

  17. Those who joined the U@ fan site and bought tickets through ETix should have received a mail indicating alternate delivery options are being arranged for Joburg (and presumably CT as well). Collection points will be sent through shortly indicating the arrangements they have made. If you have not received the communications or have a serious problem collecting from from the cities in question, i can only hope when ETix sends an update all are catered for. If no mail received, send a querry to their helpdesk saying you did not receive the update.

  18. Big Concerts just noted that “Full details on traffic management plan and other details for U2 to be released next week.”

    Stay tuned rock fans!

  19. Hi there, we are desperately wanting a U2 t shirt. Any suggestions as to where in SA we could locate one?

  20. Hello Greg.
    I am from Brazil, and I am here in South Africa (Somerset West) in my vacation.
    I and my friend want so much to go the U2 concert… Can we to buy 2 tickets yet? If we can, where can we find?
    General Admission Field please.

    • Olá Patrik!
      E bem-vindos para a África do Sul!

      I hope you are enjoying your vacation in the beautiful Cape. I guess that you are wanting tickets for the concert in Cape Town? Unfortunately, the Cape Town concert is entirely sold out, and while there are a few tickets still available in Joburg, they are all seated and not GA.

      Your best bet is to keep an eye here in case anyone comes past with an offer, and also perhaps track things on the Big Concerts’ Facebook page – I noticed a number of ticket offers there. I’m sure that as the Cape Town show comes closer there will be more.
      Please also confirm here how it is best for people to contact you should they have anything for you?

      • Ok thank you.
        My email is:

        I am wainting good news.

        ~ BlaBla Edit: If anyone has a serious offer for Patrik, please reply as such here and I will send you his email address directly~

        • Hi Patrik
          I noticed this post over on Facebook a short while ago. It was made there late last night, so if you get on the phone quickly enough perhaps this lady can help you?

          Jolindy Smit: Heavenly Haven still has U2 tickets available that we are selling for fundraising purposes. This is for the CT show on the 18th. Please inbox me or call me on 082 780 9209 if you are interested.

          Let us know if you have any joy

        • Hi Greg. I tried call in this number but I can’t to speak. I want to buy 2 tickrts. My skype is patriklage, please add me.

          • Hi there Patrik
            Strange that the number is not working – I copied it direct from the Big Concerts FB page where she posted it.

            Maybe try to Inbox the lady on her Facebook directly? Here is the link: (I will also send her a message from my side to tell her to try to reach you directly herself. Hopefully we will get the two of you talking.
            Her name is Jolindy, and she is working with a charity called Heavenly Haven who are selling the tickets for fund raising. Their FB page is here: where they mention the tickets as well.

  21. Hey guys, anyone got any U2 tickets (JHB) for sale? Please let me know?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Seating or standing? How many…budget?

      • Hey, we’re would definitely prefer GA tickets but that’s probably tough to come by. We need at least 1 GA ticket. We’re camping overnight and my cousin wants to come with, then a few more (maybe 4) somewhere else seated would be good. Budget is not much of an issue, as long as the tickets aren’t crazily overpriced.

        • I might have a contact with ONE last GA ticket for JHB, I will let you know

        • Also found 2 other tickets in seated area, awaiting seat number confirmation as I would like to check if they are genuine first….I know the people selling these tickets in both cases and there should not be any problems

        • Thanks! 🙂 My cuz would be over the moon! 😀 You can also email me.

          Really appreciate the help and all the info you guys have posted!

        • Hi again,

          I would like to buy that GA ticket asap. I am still interested in the 2 other tickets but I’d like to take the GA as soon as it’s available. Who do I contact and where do I collect the ticket? 🙂

          4 days to camp day! I can’t wait! Wooooohooo! U2!

          • Sorry to interrupt this lovely little Fan Fest!!

            Ark, I’ve hidden your email address in one of your earlier comments – I imagine you don’t want a flood of scalpers plaguing you with over-priced offers?!
            I will send you Voteds’ email address directly so that you can continue the negotiations in private 🙂

        • lol! *blushes* How incredibly amateur of me not to think of that! lol! What a “big brother” thing to do, Greg. Thanks for looking out for me. hehe. 😀 I am so hyped about everything, I’m doing stupid things. :-/ lol.

          This is the coolest blog ever, ever, ever. Love it.

          • Lol. It happens to all of us Ark. And the gushing praise, whilst not wrong, is not necessary 🙂

        • Getting the ticket on saturday if you are still interested, make the lady an offer……..needs money in a big way!!!!!

        • Voted! Thank you. How does R600 sound? I can go 100 higher? But that’s as high as I can go.

    • It is Greg right when the author is blabla? 🙂 Or some secret super helper person?

      • The former. No, the latter. Uhh, both. No, neither.

        Ahh hell, we’re as confused as you are.
        Damn you schizophrenia.
        Who said that?
        Oh right, you. Again.
        I thought we’d gotten rid of you already. Seriously.
        Oh grow up already.

        • lol!! See! That’s why the gushing praise. I like the sense of humor here and you guys actually respond to your readers. Believe me I’ve been to lots of blogs around the net, and never have as many laughs as a I do here. 🙂

        • Bla, the readers are laughing at us again…..I am starting to get a complex….

          • We’re bringing joy to their hearts mate. Jan Leno said it best: “You cannot be mad at somebody who makes you laugh – it’s as simple as that.”
            At least if they’re laughing at us they may forget to throw stones at us.

            Oh, and about that complex of yours… speak to Arkadia – she has medical knowledge that might help. 🙂

        • Voted! at least your making some people’s day!!!!

      • will mail you in the morning!!

  22. We have one spare ticket, seated section 117, face value R700. Mail me if you want it. It’s a presale ticket and I will collect it on Friday.

    • Hi Nicola – nice offer, and we’re happy to keep it listed here.

      However, we need you (and anyone else who wants to make contact with another visitor) to specifically note that you are happy for The BlaBla Blog to pass on your email details.
      Alternatively, please note your Facebook or Twitter account name and allow people to make contact with you that way.

    • Hi, I don’t mind if you need to share my email address for this purpose. Thanks.

  23. Anyone will be around the week after the concert – i’ll be alone in Jo’burg – hopefully will meet some new people to visit around!

    • Val, in Joburg you are never truly alone! I’m sure you’ll have much to entertain you and some good recommendations of places to visit.

  24. Any playlist available?
    Is anyone following the set construction,either pics or video.
    Carte Blanche,All Access,Glitterati or Top Billing.
    Com’on guys,this is a major event!
    I trust the Park and Ride will function smoothly.
    I hear the Metro bus drivers are striking again.

    • Hi there Willy…..

      We have pics up on a different post regarding the stage construction progress… We are also working on the SETLIST question as we type….keep checking back or register for email notifications.

  25. Hi Greg,Thanks for that,the vid was awesome.
    Wonder how many fans are flying in from outside SA.

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