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Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in Entertainment, Featured, Music, South Africa | 217 comments

U2 Ticket Prices & Stadium Plans for Joburg & Cape Town 2011 360° Degree Tour

More detailed information about the U2 360° Live Concert Tour ticket prices as well as Stadium Seating Plans for both the South Africa venues – FNB Stadium & Cape Town Stadium

Information detailing U2 Concert Parking, Transportation and Park-and-Ride/Park-and-Rail plans can be found here

Johannesburg: Sunday, 13 February 2011

Venue: FNB Stadium/Soccer City (±100,000 capacity)

Show Times: 20h00 – 23h00

Gates Open: 16h30

Support Artists: TBC

Ticket Categories & Pricing:

  • R2,568 = Unreserved Standing in VIP (RED) Zone*
  • R1,070 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 101-108, 119-133, 144-150, 202A-206, 213-223 & 232-234A
  • R963 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 134-143 & 224-231
  • R856 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 207-212, 500-527 & 541-545
  • R696 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 109-118
  • R401 = Unreserved Standing in General Admission Field
  • R161 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 528-540

Stadium Plan: (Stage placement not to scale) U2_SoccerCityStadium-Layout

Cape Town: Friday, 18 February 2011

Venue: Cape Town Stadium (±75,000 capacity)

Show Times: 20h00 – 23h00

Gates Open: 16h30

Support Artists: TBC

Ticket Categories & Pricing:

  • R2,568 = Unreserved Standing in VIP (RED) Zone*
  • R963 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 101-105, 130-132, 112-119 & 213-219
  • R856 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 120-129 & 220-229
  • R535 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 304-315
  • R428= Reserved Seating in Blocks 322-333
  • R401 = Unreserved Standing in General Admission Field
  • R161 = Reserved Seating in Blocks 106-111 & 204-212

Stadium Plan: (Stage placement not to scale)


* The (RED) Zone Tickets:

The very limited capacity (RED) Zones, are two high profile General Admission standing areas located on the field directly adjacent to each of the stage runways (see the image below).

For the South African concerts access to these areas is limited to just 800 ticket holders per show. (It’s unclear if this number is 800 per zone or 800 in total.)

redzones (RED) Zone ticket holders will enjoy:

  • The only reserved General Admission VIP standing area nearest the stage
  • Entering the Stadium through an assigned VIP entrance/gate
  • Avoiding lines and still be beside the stage regardless of your arrival time
  • Being greeted in by (RED) Zone Hosts
  • And more…! (at other venues this included access to dedicated merchandise and concessionaire stands, pre-show waiting seats outside the Zone, and a selected group taken on a pre-show stage tour – all of these features are not yet confirmed for SA though.)

U2 is donating their net proceeds from (RED) Zone tickets to support (RED) and the Global Fund to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. So far the (RED) products campaign has supported programs that have reached more than four million people. Visit: for more information.

Computicket are the only authorised U2 360° Concert Tour ticket sales agents for South Africa

Tickets can be purchased from 09h00 on Saturday, 23 October 2010:

  • online at – credit card required
  • telephonically through the Computicket Call Centre on 011 340 8000 or 083 915 8000 (calls charged at R2.85 per minute) – credit card required
  • at any Computicket outlet (including in-store branches at Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper and House & Home stores countrywide) – all payment methodsImportant Notes:TICKETS WILL NOT BE ISSUED BEFORE 10 January 2011. Only RECEIPTS will be issued when booking tickets.
    From 10 January 2011, receipts can be exchanged for tickets at any Computicket outlet, Shoprite, Checkers or Checkers Hyper store before the event as there will be no collection facilities at the venue.
    ID and credit card used to make the booking must be presented when collecting tickets and receipts.

    Ticket Limits will be in place:

    Saturday 23 October:
    8 tickets per person through Computicket stores.
    8 tickets per person through call centre
    8 tickets per person through Computicket web
    From Sunday 24 October:
    20 tickets per person through Computicket stores.
    10 tickets per person through call centre
    10 tickets per person through Computicket web

Pre-sales of tickets are available for paid site subscribers from 09h00 on Wednesday, 20 October through until 12h00 noon on Friday, 22 October.

  • membership costs US$50 for an annual subscription
  • Members will require their PreSale Code allocated on signing up
  • Ticket pricing is not discounted for pre-sale purchases

More U2 360° Concert Tour Information and Details on our other related BlaBla Blog posts:


  1. Hey

    Where will the Blablaians be meeting and reunite before the show??? And nothing after???

    Its a real great blog!! Seems we are already mentally connected!!!

  2. Why don’t the VIP ticket holders get reserved parking at the stadium? Or dedicated park and ride facilities from selected venues around the stadium? One would expect a couple of additional perks for the price paid; and from the world soccer cup experience, getting to and from the stadium is a nightmare (Soccer City).

  3. Awesome site you have going?

    Any news on the Inner Circle yet?

    • Hey Siv – thanks for the compliment. It’s always nice to be appreciated 🙂

      Lots of info on the Inner Circle in fact. Have a look at this post here: The Inner Workings of the U2 360° Inner Circle
      Also, be sure to read the comments below it – there are some interesting ideas in there too.

      Also, I saw this note and reply on the promoters’ page earlier:

      Jeanette Clark: Ok, who’s got the info on the inner circle? Computicket says day before the armbands will be handed out. BC says at 07:00am you can queue for these. Lots of people are going to sleep at FNB/Soccer City already on the Saturday. BC – any info?
      Nicara Govindsamy: I’d like some clarity on this too please – and if we do camp out, what is the procedure with parking/ being dropped off??? Answers please BC!!!
      Big Concerts: ?@ Jeanette. We will have this information for you tomorrow. Just want to make sure we have all the correct details 🙂

      I’ll follow it up tomorrow and update here as I can…

  4. Hi Greg

    I was looking at the layout of the FNB stadium. I’m a little confused .Level 1 Block 141 yellow (as seen on ticket),is Blue on Diagram ? . please advise. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi there Christen,

      Sorry to have confused you, my fault entirely. The stadium plans in my post here use my own arbitrarily selected colours to highlight the different seating blocks based purely on their price. When I made the post back in October last year the only stadium plan available to people was the Computicket one that was also posted by Big Concerts. (This one here).

      I couldn’t understand it so found a better set of stadium plans, ran down the list of prices for the various blocks and coloured my plan as I went. There was no mention of specific coloured blocks on the list I used at the time. There was a (slightly) better plan published after that original one, but I had already done mine by then.

      Block 141 looks like a brilliant spot to take it all in, regardless of what colour the block turns out to be! Enjoy the concert 🙂

      • Hi Greg ,Thanks for the response ! I think the concert is going to be awesome,I cant wait ! 🙂

  5. So excited to eventually get U2 tickets – managed to get seated in Block 114 on Level 1 – are those good seats? As it’s 360deg im assuming anywhere in the stadium is great! Just so thrilled to be a part of it!

    • hi mandy, im in block 117 also trying to find out if they nice seats. i really hope so

      • They’re nice seats. They’ve got this lovely orange colour, and the seat even folds up and down….


        We’re going to have a huge jol wherever they are ladies!

    • 360 degrees of pure rock awesomeness Mandy! Yeah baby, yeah! Lemme hear the sound, lemme hear the sound!

      Sorry. We’re excited, in case you didn’t notice. 😀 Level 1 means you’re on the lowest tier of seats closest to the field. Block 114 means you’re sitting directly in the centre facing the rear of the main stage. Should be a pretty darn awesome show from there! Enjoy it.

  6. Howzit Greg,you’ve been kept very busy with the U2 blog. Well done.
    Any playlist released yet and any idea of what merchandise will be available as well as prices?
    I do not wish to carry loads of cash, I suppose credit card facilities will be available.
    Looking forward to post gig comments.

    • Thanks Willy! The effort’s been worth it. I do need a little more sleep though…

      No chance that the playlist will be released before the show. It may get leaked, but not officially. In fact I saw BC saying earlier today that they are “no permitted” to release any info about the order of the concert. Guess it would take the fun out of it.
      Personally I think we’ll get a pretty similar set-list to the ones they used in Australia at the end of last year, with a couple of small changes.

      It would surprise me if they don’t do “Silver & Gold” even if only as one of Bono’s little end of a song segue acapella bit. I think they’ll have the Soweto Gospel Choir on stage as a guest to do their Amazing Grace/Where the Streets Have No Name collaboration – it’s being included on the (still promised, not yet received) subscriber CD.

      And they very may well do one or two new songs – their manager announced this week that U2 will release a new album in May this year, so we may be the fortunate first live audience to hear a new song or two!

      Check the links in this set of comments for the setlists that have been played on the 360 Tour so far:

    • Oh, and nothing at all on merchandise that’ll be available or the pricing of it, sorry.

      There was a note on the BC page to say that there are no cash points within the stadium precinct. I haven’t seen any indication that credit card facilities for merchandise purchases won’t be available – they’d be very silly not to have them. (I heard that they had c/card facilities at the recent Rammstein concert in CTown. If they can, there’s no obvious reason why they can’t for U2.)

      I’d take enough cash for drinks and snack purchases (I doubt they’ll take credit cards) and a little extra just to make sure that if the c/card system doesn’t work you’ll at least be able to buy something from the merch vendors – even if it is just a single t-shirt.

  7. Hi
    please help, my brain is bursting with all this info. Am trying to buy tickets, there are a few options, but I am not a seasoned stadium goer and I am trying to buy them as a surprise for my husband who LOVES U2 but was too dedicated to saving his business at the time of ticket sales to spend any money on himself. Now I can, but I don’t know what to choose. I would like to see the action, and I was looking at a few in the lower tiers on the sides but I cant work out this claw thing and whether they block the view? Otherwise I’ll just go for standing, but he’s a visuals kinda guy so I was going to get the best I could afford.

    Thanks for the help!

    • Hi Suzanne

      I’m so sorry that I missed your comment/question earlier 🙁 My bad! It just seems to have slipped passed whilst we were at the concert in Jozi on Sunday when you posted it.

      I sure hope that you did manage to secure a couple of tickets for the show tomorrow in the meantime. I promise you, regardless of where you decided to take tickets for, the show is an awesome spectacle and your husband will love you long time for taking the trouble to get him to the concert!

      Please let us know if you did come right, and where you decided to get the tickets….

      • Hi Greg

        Glad you were having fun instead of answering blog queries 🙂 YES I GOT TICKETS!!!! YAY YAY and YAY.
        After a crazy time in the wacky world of Gumtree ticket flogging I got standing tickets. It seems standing tickets have become tres desirable in Cape Town because every time I phoned someone for some expensive seats they said they would only sell them to me if I had sitting ones to sell them back.
        Anyway I found some and when i told my husband this morning he just said OH MY GOD YES, I CANT BELIEVE YOU GOT STANDING, ITS U2 HOW COULD I POSSIBLY SIT. So there you go. 🙂

        btw thanks for this cool forum. Seeya next time!

  8. Sorry, I’m in Cape Town. ANd whilst I’m at it, Do people REALLY stay seated in seats at concerts? I’ve only ever stood on a field (and never in a stadium) and cant imagine wanting to sit down the whole way through…

    • We’ll they certainly didn’t in Joburg! A couple of sitters during the one or two slower songs – Miss Sarajevo needs to be listened to more than watched for example – Bono puts so much heart into singing it and his voice was incredible on the night.

      By and large though, if they follow the same set list in Cape Town (and there’s no reason why they won’t) it’s almost like a “Greatest Hits” concert and there is very little opportunity to be sitting down!

      I don’t know, maybe the Cape Town audience is more laid-back than Jozi, but I for one will be bouncing around like the energiser bunny all show long!! If you’re sitting anywhere near me, you’ll have no choice but to join me 🙂

  9. Where can I buy a U2 Jhb tour cap for a decent price.I chose not to buy one outside the stadium,thinking it would be cheaper inside.I spent enough on a programme and badge.The merchandising tents were totally inadequate for such a crowd.

    • Totally agree the merch stands were a total disaster. I spent a good 90 minutes in the queue at the one stand I found – ONE! – before I left empty-handed to catch the start of the show. Had a sad daughter the next morning who I had promised a U2 t-shirt to for Valentines’ Day.

      Fortunately, it seems like the supplier and Big Concerts got a lot of complaints about it and between them have arranged for any “unsold stock” to be made available via the suppliers’ online store at the same prices as they were at the concert. (Presumably we’ll have to pay a little extra for P&P).

      The “unsold stock” issue seems to depend on what happens at the Cape Town concert tomorrow night though. I don’t know if there was anything that was specifically branded with the Joburg show details only?? Does anyone know?

      Whatever is available will go on sale from next Monday online at the suppliers site. Here’s the note from BC:

      If you don’t manage to buy U2 goodies at the concert the left over merchandise will be available to purchase on from 8am on Monday 21st Feb until 5pm on Wednesday 23rd Feb (subject to availability).

  10. The Concert was AMAZING ,a truly unforgettable experience ! I LOVE U2 !!! you were right Greg ,the way the stage was situated I’m sure eveyone had great seats . 🙂

    • I think we need a BIGGER font to express just how AMAZING it was Christen! Glad you enjoyed it!!

  11. For all the pax who booked their tickets through…just got a notification we could collect at the Waterfront – Tourist information centre – from tomorrow Wednesday 9:00 to 6:00 – hope this helps…

    • Thanks Emma 🙂

      Anyone in CTown who can confirm that they have collected their eTix Pre-Sale tickets? ANy problems or issues experienced at all? How are the queues, if any? And what info are they asking for in order to prove the tickets are yours to collect?

  12. Got 2 R161 tickets behind the stage . Who is interested

    • Sorry , the Cape Town show .

      • And !!!!!!!!!!!! How was the red zone experience in Joburg? Got tickets for that , but they are mine !!

        • Hi Jacq

          There are a couple of comments about the RedZone floating around the site. I’ve found one of them here:

    • +1 for Nicola!! Easier link is simply

      BUT the audio stream is seemingly being restricted for local access only. When I posted the link over on the fan forums, one of the Admins checked it out (they are in the USA) and received a message on the screen to the effect of “The Stream is only available in Africa”.

      Both KFM and Highveld radio are telling people that they will also be carrying the concert as a live on-air broadcast from 9:00/9:15pm tomorrow night. (If you’re in Jozi or CTown it might sound better on the radio than through your computer?) Both stations do broadcast live via their internet streams, but it remains to be seen if these streams will be available tomorrow night?

      For those wanting to try the radio audio streams internationally the stations’ sites are below. Just look for the “Listen Live” links on their home pages, or follow the player links below:

      KFM 94.5FM :
      Highveld 94.7FM :

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