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Posted by on Oct 18, 2010 in Entertainment, Featured, Music, Outdoors, South Africa | 115 comments

U2 South Africa 2011 360° Degree Concert Tour Details

Update Post: Much More Info Here
U2 Ticket Prices & Stadium Plans for Joburg & Cape Town 2011 360° Degree Tour

U2 South Africa 2011 360° Degree Concert Tour Details

Concert Dates, Venues, Ticket Sale Details

Johannesburg: U2 360° Tour live in Johannesburg

Sunday, 13 February 2011, 20:00 – 23:30

Soccer City / FNB Stadium

Map picture

Ticket Sales via Computicket from 23 October 2010

  • Tickets for the U2 performances in South Africa will go on sale Saturday, October 23rd through Computicket.
  • subscribers will be able to buy tickets ahead of the public on-sale. Full details at: ( subscriber pre-sales start on Wednesday, 20 October.)
  • Ticket pricing will start at R161.00, with General Admission floor tickets available at R401.00.
  • Reserved seat tickets are also available, starting at R696.00 in Johannesburg.
  • Golden Circle/Red Zone tickets @ R2,568.00 (TBC)

Cape Town: U2 360° Tour live in Cape Town

Friday, 18 February 2011, 20:00 – 23:30

Cape Town Stadium

Map picture

Ticket Sales via Computicket from 23 October 2010

  • Tickets for the U2 performances in South Africa will go on sale Saturday, October 23rd through Computicket.
  • subscribers will be able to buy tickets ahead of the public on-sale. Full details at: ( subscriber pre-sales start on Wednesday, 20 October.)
  • Ticket pricing will start at R161.00, with General Admission floor tickets available at R401.00.
  • Reserved seat tickets are also available, starting at R428.00 in Cape Town.

The U2 360° Tour Live South African dates are produced by Live Nation Global Touring in association with Big Concerts (a Live Nation partner). The tour media partners are 94.7 Highveld Stereo, 94.5 KFM and MNET.

[Update: A new post with ticket pricing and stadium plans has been made – click to see all the details]


  1. I’ll be sreamin BONOOOOOOOOOOOOO / THe EDGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Voted! !!!! 🙂

  2. What will the parking (park / ride?) arrangements be for the concert at Soccer City the 13th? Will it be the same as for the Soccer World Cup? Where can I obtain information regaring this?

    • Hi Annemé (excellent name!)

      Big Concerts have promised that they will be releasing information regarding transport and parking sometime next week. We’ll carry this information here as soon as we get it.

      U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plans

      In the meantime though, park-and-walk options for FNB stadium are already available for purchase through Computicket. Check that post for the prices and details.

      • Yep – I am also keen to know more about various transport options. Is the train an option, like the World Cup? Or Park and Ride? Thanks so much! Can’t wait!

  3. I don’t see a park & rail option for fnb stadium. Must I be a little more patient or aren’t there going to be one? I know there was one for a previous rugby game.

  4. SENWES is giving away two VIP suite tickets valued at R9790 for the U2 concert of 13 February 2011.

  5. Where can you purchase U2 360 shirts in Gauteng? I know you can get them on U2’s website.

    • Hi Renate

      We’ve left requests for info with a couple of retailers. As soon as we hear from them we’ll let you know…

      • Thank you. I love your blog.

        • And we love you right back Renate! (In an entirely platonic online way of course Mr. Stewart).

          Thank you for your support.

  6. Hi there,

    Was just wondering how the inner circle is going to work?? Do you have any more info???

    Thanks. So EXCITED!!!!

    • Hi Lara! We’re pretty darn EXCITED around here too! 🙂

      I working on an interesting post about making the most of your General Access tickets, including whatever info we’ve managed to find out about the Inner Circle at the moment.

      Check back on the BlaBla Blog front page ( soon for the post link.

  7. Any news on Presale ticket supply. Mailed the Etx guys to no avail. They indicated they would NOT be mailing which is fine, but apparently some dude on teh radio has been sms’d that we gotta pick them up on the day of the concert at a turnstile XXX. Now that sucks big time. Its gonna be a disaster. Big Concerts are useless at distribution of something of this nature. Been to enough to know that they will take some serious strain on this. If anyone has better news, please rely.

  8. Hi there.

    I’m gonna be @ the U2 show in Jhb,I heard that Julius Malema wants people to boycott the show.I just wonder will it be safe around the stadium?

    • Now why would Juli Arse Malema want people to boycott a U2 concert? Does he have a problem with them not singing any songs in Pedi perhaps? Or maybe he’s grumpy that he didn’t get an invite to a Chivas and sushi stocked hospitality suite maybe?
      Where did you hear this Henry? How reliable was the ‘teller of the tale’?
      Regardless of what the loud one is blathering on about , there will be a lot of police and security in a ring around the stadium. There will be 110,000 U2 fans who will not be stopped from seeing a band they’ve waited years for. If anyone would need to be concerned about their safety I would think it needs to be Juli and any of his blind followers who feel the urge to try and stop the concert from happening.

    • I really hope that this won’t be a platform for political propaganda and racial slurs. I very much doubt that this would happen. It is probably a rumour started by people who have nothing better to do. Maybe people who didn’t get tickets and are now pretty pissed off 😉 Think about those British tabloids before the world cup… people always start rumours and create fear before big events. If people had to believe every rumour or hoax wouldn’t even leave your house. The show is gonna be super awesome and I cannot wait to PUT ON MY BOOTS!!

      • I think you’re quite right Lizelle. Anything for a little controversy.

        We’ll be watching for those boots!!

  9. hi

    i paid R2700 at computicket for my golden ring tickets, you say thats a rip off, i see it diffrent…to get the best seats in the house to watch a R35 million production is a BARGAIN! and to watch U2 !!!!! wow

    • Hiya David

      I never exactly said it was a ripoff at all actually. Heck, if I could have afforded it I would have been there in a flash.

      What I was suggesting though is just that the price was well out of my reach as it stood. I only said that if they’d thrown in a couple of added extras it would have been a little easier to perhaps justify the purchase to my “bank manager”. For that price surely they could thrown a R50 parking voucher and a cheap t-shirt that said “I supported U2 and RED in Joburg”? There’s only 600-odd RZ tickets and it surely couldn’t have been too tricky to add a little more in for them?

  10. Hi all, So how do we get to soccer city? Are there buses – or is it just parking? Your help would be appreciated! Bridget

    • Hi there Bridget
      For the Joburg concert there are parking, Park & Ride and even Park & Rail options available. Parking near the stadium is obviously the most convenient option, but could be the most frustrating in terms of traffic, especially after the concert when everyone is trying to leave at the same time.

      Please read our other post here: for the details and links (both in the article and in the comments below it too!)

  11. HI Greg
    I finally got that bus parking ticket from the computicket call center still not available from website the operator didnt know what was going on she called her supervisor and low and behold i got a ticket.

  12. Camera that are allowed into the stadium… Please confirm as I have a consumer DSLR…

    Please let me know

    • Bev

      The official camera policy is described here: add to that the note that:

      Professional photographic, audio and video equipment is prohibited in order to prevent unauthorised infringement on the publishing, music and other rights owned by the artist. You will not be allowed to capture the show unless you are an accredited photographer/videographer with a recognised publication or media owner. Non-Professional and cellphone cameras are acceptable.

      It seems to be pretty standard to international events, and rather than risk having your only camera stopped at the security check I’d stick to something that is unquestionably a standard format point-and-click like that illustrated. I think that even people with fixed lens cameras that sort of look like a SLR/DSLR camera will be disappointed… In your case (I spotted your model on the Facebook page) I would say a definite no go.

  13. Hi

    I just received two suite tickets for Jhb (I don’t have the details yet). Does that mean seated tickets on the stand or in a box/suite somewhere?

    • What I think it means is that you should pass them on to me so that I can check if they are any good……I will in turn give you my really good seated tickets just so that you will have pease of mind…..

      On a serious note, you might have landed yourself some seriously cool vip suite tickets…check and let us know so we can have a reason for being this shade of green.

      • Will do! let’s hope for the best 😉

  14. Hey,
    Looking forward to the big event. What time will U2 be on stage?

    • Hey Lee
      Here’s the latest on show times posted by Big Concerts:

      Please note running times for the U2 shows (the same in both cities):

      16h30 – Doors Opened
      19h15 – 19h45 Amadou & Mariam
      19h45 – 20h00 Change over
      20h00 – 20h30 Springbok Nude Girls
      20h30 – 21h15 Change over
      21h15 – 23h30 U2

      It’s going to be a long, loud day! We can’t wait either!

  15. Got two Field Standing tickets for Sunday 13 Feb in Jhb that I want to sell

    • Elize

      Please email us directly at with your contact details. Your message looks like you are posting using a work email address, so give us some after hours contact options. Also please include a note to the effect that you are okay with The BlaBla Blog passing this information onto others.

      Anyone interested in taking Elize up on her offer can comment in a Reply here and we’ll forward her details to you off-site.

  16. So what time is everyone planning to go? I am so excited I cannot contain myself! Our U2 t-shirts that I ordered online arrived yesterday, perfect timing!! We have redzone tickets but are planning to go very early to make a day of it…

  17. Does anyone know anything about the additional concert for Jhb? I believe it is in March and since I am unable to go to Sunday’s one I would really like to go to that one…

    • That’s definitely a new one for us here Darlene. Never heard that at all. Not even a rumour mentioned in passing.
      Who or where did you hear this from?
      Has anybody else heard anything like this at all?

  18. Got the tickets, lower suite 74 ( so I guess we’re in a box?) cant wait!!!

    • Lekker fancy and larney ne Karlien?!! You sure you want to be seen hanging around here with us BlaBla commoners? 🙂
      Definitely one of the hospitality suites by the sounds of things. You are going to have a jol wherever you are!

      Rock that suite like a commoner for us Karlien! And send us a picture so that we can see how fancy it all is 🙂

  19. Computicket website and the email from U2 360 degrees tour says that ticket collection for red zone ticket holders opens at 10.00 am on 13 February. The Big Concerts website says ticket collection for red zone ticket holders opens at noon. I am confused……which opening time is the correct one?

    • Yeah, Claudia, I noticed that “opens at 10am” messages as well. Personally, I wouldn’t stress too much about it. There are only 600-odd RedZone ticket holders, and you have dedicated enterances to the stadium and the RZ areas. Shouldn’t take you long to get into the stadium at all. In fact, if I was a RZ ticket holder, I’d be pretty chilled about the whole thing – as long as you have parking/park and ride sorted you should be good whenever you get to the stadium.

      It’s gonna be a Beautiful Day!

  20. Do you know where I can still get U2 360° concert merchandise in Johannesburg please. Looking for t-shirts and caps… Ta

    • Hi Momo

      Sorry for taking so long to reply….

      Here’s what we now about merchandise:

      Whatever is available will go on sale from next Monday online at the suppliers site. Here’s the note from BC:

      If you don’t manage to buy U2 goodies at the concert the left over merchandise will be available to purchase on from 8am on Monday 21st Feb until 5pm on Wednesday 23rd Feb (subject to availability).

  21. Hello dear GREG & also everybody Crazy fans of U2 like ME ,

    Greg i see you take much care in replying to everyone and it’s a great job. WOW, hats off man!!
    I would be keen to have contact details of organisers or U2 agents etc as i really would wish to produce that group in Mauritius island.
    Best sincere Regards,

    Ruddy Krishna RAMASAMY

    • Hi Ruddy

      First you cannot call U2 ‘that group’ – how can you call U2 ‘that group’!!! man r u a real U2 fan?? U2 is not ‘ that group’ – U2 is an identity not ‘that group’!!!! Second, I am from Mauritius and I came here specially in Jo’burg to attend the 360 degree show, because it was my dream to see U2!! You can think I am a rich mauritian, but no, i’m just the middle class who works to get what i need – i have nothing in excess….apart debts!! but i decided to realise my dream…& to pay the debts next month!!! And lastly…producing U2 in Mauritius…man…where did you get that idea from? I hope you have enough Millions to produce them in Mauritius…let’s be realistic…if you want to drink can’t wait for the tap to get to you…you have to move your ass and go to the tap…like i did…but anyway…if it happens in Mauritius, I’ll be the first one to buy the VIP tickets…! Cheers…PS: If you want to see videos of the show, let me know!!
      Valerie Malabar

    • Hi there Ruddy.

      I think Valerie’s reply pretty much sums things up the way I see any possibility of U2 performing in Mauritius. Slim to no chance. But, there sure is no harm in trying I guess….

      The international promoters for U2 concerts is a company called Live Nation. They are based in the USA, and ‘represent’ U2 (and other artists) in terms of their tour management and promotion. They would be the people I would contact first. You’ll find their contact details here:

      Good luck!! (And if you do actually manage to get U2 to perform on the island, remember where you got the information – I expect a fully-paid for trip to see them there! 🙂 )

  22. Hi I would lIke to know if we are allowed to take any food and cooldrinks in to the stadium? Friday in Cape Town? Thanks a million.

    • according to their rules and regulations they won’t allow it but all depends on the security guard. We got our drinks and food through while we waited in the inner circle holding area. They did not really search our backpack. We said we had but its was water that was sold in the stadium so I think that’s why we got away with it. It was the 750ml Pump bottles.

  23. Got red zone tickets for Cape Town event. Can anyone tell us what the red zone was like in JHB?

    • Hi Ilze, we had Redzone tickets for JHB and had an awesome time. At first we were disappointed that it was not in the inner circle but I feel it was totally worth every cent and our spot was perfect. We still went early and managed to stand in front which was absolutely fantastic. We didn’t really have a separate toilet as advertised but that’s not a big deal. We did have a small beer stand right by the area. Enjoy the show, If I could I would attend the Cape Town show as well…They ruined it for all other bands!!! Amazing amazing amazing…

  24. My grandparents, together with my father was shot on their farm in Mpumalanga, my mother was raped in the process, 2 days after our South African Government announced that they see nothing wrong with the “Shoot the Boer” (Shoot the Farmer) traditional Zulu song that is being sung on national public gatherings (no matter WHAT you say, that is where it is being sung). And you have fuelled that notion. Now U2 comes to South Africa and claims the same on national publications in South Africa! Thank you U2. You are a disgrace to progress, reconciliation and peace in South Africa and a disgrace to Humanity. God only knows how many South Africans will die after your uninformed and naive comment. I hope you are proud of yourself ! ! ! ! ! You come to South Africa just to bag your money and leave the country in turmoil and confusion. Well done ! Enjoy your money! Stick to music and stay out of politics you don’t know anything about, especially the consequences ! I’ve torn up my tickets and will rather die than listen to U2 EVER again !

    • Hi there. First off my sympathies for your loss & condolences to you & your family.

      However, I think you may be over exagerating the situation and reading much more into Bono’s words than what he actually said. My understanding is that the original article that appeared in your Sunday Times (which was picked up and quoted here in Australia) was a major piece of sensationalist nonsense with only selected bits of the actual conversation highlighted to give the impression that suited the papers’ rather inflammatory headlines and posters.

      I think before you continue with your anti-U2 crusade you should at least research the topic in more detail and get another point of view or two as well. Once you’ve given a fair and open airing to ALL sides of the story and still feel the way you do then trash your tickets and break your U2 cd’s with pleasure. In fact Bono would probably encourage you to do the same IF you’ve honestly come to same decision – he’s always been big on people making their own minds up and acting on their convictions.

      But that’s the key here: make up YOUR OWN mind. Don’t allow yourself to be guided by the tabloid sensationalism of one writer and one biased article.

    • Hello Ayantra
      I’d like to second A-R’s condolences.

      And I’d also like to express my support for your campaign of highlighting farm murders in South Africa. But that’s as far as it goes. Whilst I would never trivialise anyone’s tragedy, I do feel that the approach that you (and others supporting your campaign like Mr. Hofmeyer) are taking to the problem is somewhat blinkered and misguided. I feel that if you – and all other South Africans – spent as much time and energy focusing on the crime problems in our country as a whole you would have a far more favourable response not only from government, but more importantly, from average South Africans to your cause. As it stands at the moment, most of you come across as somewhat bigoted palefaces with an agenda that excludes most of the population of South Africa.

      I hear the campaign suggesting that 3,500 white farmers have been murdered since 1994? Undeniably, this is a true tragedy and grave concern for all of us. But when considered in context of a total of (something like) 350,000 murders nationally in the same period I am pretty certain that we could identify other sub-groups that have suffered similar numbers of deaths – Zulu mine workers for example. Or is it perhaps a case that the other 99% of murders are of any less significance than the murder of white farmers?

      My point simply is that the fervour and passion with which you express your dislike for U2 is not only misplaced, but somewhat narrow-minded. That you are basing this presumably recent dislike (else you wouldn’t have bought tickets to see them) on something as arbitrary as the mis-quoted and used out of context words of a rock star is a fundamentally flawed point.

      You could, and should, be better applying this passion on an approach that might make a difference, especially if you took a more holistic and broader perspective of the crime problem that ALL South Africans are suffering from.

    • Reply received via email & reposted here:

      Hi, Ayantra

      I’m really sorry to hear about the terrible farm attack against your parents and grandparents. I’ve seen way too many tears shed over innocent farmers, farming families and farm employees losing their lives to evil criminals. You have my deepest sympathies.

      Regarding Bono’s original comments, after hearing the interview on the link below I feel that his original comments may have been incorrectly interpreted and reported by the media. As a media representative I know that we do make mistakes now and again in our reporting. I was also very concerned after reading the original reports in the papers, but after hearing the interview below my concerns have been allayed. I believe that Bono does have good intentions towards the people of South Africa and Africa and despises brutality against the innocent.

      I urge you to listen to the radio interview and then to be able to make a more informed decision about your feelings on Bono and U2. Ultimately it is your decision.

      Once again, please accept my sincerest sympathies regarding the attack that you mentioned.;


    • I too am deeply saddened by your families loss. I do however feel is it important for a activist to have all the facts before jumping into a fire….

      Please read the latest report and twitter feed by the honorable attention seeking Mr Hoffmeyer…..

      • In case you missed it:

        Hofmeyr tweeted on Thursday: “Off course its a P Stunt.For a cause Ive sold my soul to.And Bono slipped up.Forget me.Check genocide.Thx.Im elated with his explanation.”
        According to EyeWitness News, he also said that in hindsight he does not regret the way he reacted, but does regret missing out on the U2 concert on Sunday night.

        He certainly achieved the aim of highlighting his cause, but failed dismally at representing it very well. In fact, I think the ‘publicity stunt’ backfired terribly and caused more people to discount his opinions and views than ever before. And I still think he needs to be fined for littering!

    • Ayantra, as suggested by others, some more investigation on your part is called for.

      We strongly recommend that you listen to the beginning of the radio interview that Bono gave yesterday. You could listen to the whole thing to get a clearer idea of what the man is all about, and a better picture of his character too, but if you really can’t stomach the man at all, at least the first thing that is addressed in the interview is what he said. Llyod listed the link in his comment above, and we also have the interview posted right here on BlaBla:

      And then, (and this is not an option if you are truely wanting to gain proper perspective here and make an informed and unbiased opinion) please read the ENTIRE article published here:

      It is a much better and more balanced report on the EXACT SAME meeting that the Sunday Times reported on. Also read the comments and responses below it, including the one from the ST Editor Ray Hartley and Mandy de Waals’ reply to him.

      “It is bullshit,” is what music journalist Evan Milton had to say about the Sunday Times headlines. “I observed with a wry smile it was a headline designed to make more people click. It was patently untrue, because Bono did not support the song. I then observed with a wry smile Buddy’s quotes were all accurate and carefully recorded, but it is the headline and the parts that link his quotes that are misconstrued.”
      This was confirmed by Billboard correspondent Dianne Coetzer, who said Bono never supported the “shoot the farmer song”, never made direct reference to the song and never supported Julius Malema’s right to sing the liberation song. “The opening paragraph of Buddy’s story says Bono waded into the Malema controversy, which indicates says Bono had a position on the issue, which wasn’t the case.


    • Would you throw in a flight as well??? Cause then I will buy the WARMERS……

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