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Posted by on Oct 26, 2010 in Advertising, Music, Television | 0 comments

U2 360° South Africa Tour Promo Video

Coming to an MNet/DSTV screen near you this week… a clip promoting the upcoming concerts coming to a stadium near you this February!

[FB 446309481026]

Source: Big Concerts Facebook
[~ streaming is unfortunately not great, so do the play-pause-load-play thing – Ed.~]

Click Here to Win with BlaBla - U2 360 Degree Concert DVDSeems that there are still small pockets of seated ticket available – which after the semi-chaos with ticket sales over the weekend surprise me a little. General Admission Field Standing and (RED)Zone tickets at both shows are however sold out, as are the two lowest price category seats (at least, I can’t find cheap seats anywhere at all.)

Earlier today Big Concerts posted the following reply to a question on how many tickets were still available on their Facebook page: “Just a couple of thousand in CT, and over 10,000 in JHB.”

Yesterday at 10:42 they noted that “All standing tickets are sold out, only seated ones left. 92% sold out in Cape Town and 78% of tickets sold out in Joburg after just one weekend. Hurry, and get some tickets while you still can.”

We’re trying to get hold of actually numbers sold, and how many of those are GA tickets at each of the stadiums in response to those who have been asking for this information. When we do I’ll get that info into this post for all those curious.

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