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Posted by on Jan 24, 2011 in Entertainment, Featured, Joburg, News | 77 comments

U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plans

Updated: Tuesday, 25 January 2011 @ 22h30

You think you've got parking problems?!!The official information regarding Parking and Transport Arrangements for the two upcoming U2 360° Tour Concerts in Joburg and Cape Town is slowly being released by Big Concerts this week. We’ll keep this post updated as and when new information becomes avaialble.

U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plan Info – Johannesburg
FNB Stadium (Sunday, 13 February 2011)

Computicket is selling near-stadium Parking for the Johannesburg Concert:

Parking Ticket prices:

  • Car Parking Ticket: R50.00
  • Bus Parking Ticket: R220.00

One parking ticket is needed per vehicle entering the parking area. One bus parking ticket is needed per bus entering the parking area.
Parking tickets and bus tickets do not give access to FNB Stadium (Soccer City) – A concert ticket per person is needed to enter the stadium.

Parking gates open at 12:30
Stadium Gates open at 16:30

No exchanges are allowed

All Parking Areas are in the Nasrec Precinct area, within comfortable walking distance to the stadium. A special designated area is also available for disabled parking.

The parking areas are:

  • Precinct East (Bus Parking) – Nasrec Road Overflow East
  • Precinct North – Soweto Highway Shareworld
  • Precinct South East – Corner Nasrec & Rand Show Roads
  • Precinct South – Ring Road Parking
  • Precinct West – Golden Highway Parking
  • PS8: Disabled Parking, Stadium Inner East – Off Nasrec Road (if booking this area, select “FNB Stadium Parking” from the venue selector)

Parking Ticket purchases can only be made through Computicket:

  • In person at Computicket outlets, Shoprite and Checkers in-store outlets
  • Telephonically via 083 915 8000
  • Online via Computicket Website, mobile site, or iPhone App

Johannesburg Park & Ride and Transportation Options:

  • The traffic management plan to FNB Stadium will replicate that used during the Soccer World Cup.
  • Concert goers are encouraged to arrive at the stadium as early as possible in order to limit the pressure on the transport system.
  • If you DO NOT have a parking ticket you will not be allowed near the FNB Stadium.  (~presumably this means with a car! ed.~)
  • A limited number of parking tickets within the Soccer City precinct are already available from Computicket.  (~see the info on parking above. ed!)
  • Please remember to carpool if you have purchased a parking ticket.
  • All fans are urged to use the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride facilities.  Tickets to both options are required “PER PERSON” traveling.  These will be available from Computicket from Wednesday, 26 January 2011.
  • The Park-n-Ride facilities will be located at Constitution Hill, the Coca-Cola Dome, Emperors Palace and Gold Reef City.
  • All Park-n-Ride facilities will open at 12h00 on the day of the concert, with the the first buses leaving at 13h00 for FNB Stadium.
  • The FINAL buses to the stadium will leave the Park-n-Ride facilities NO LATER than 18h30.
  • There will be no additional payment at any of the Park-n-Ride facilities and you are NOT EXPECTED to pay any security or parking attendance staff.
  • There will more than enough SAPS, Metro Police and Private Security support at all Park-n-Ride facilities and at the FNB Stadium to secure all attendees and vehicles.
  • Heavy traffic pressure is expected after the show, and fans attending the concert are requested to be patient as the stadium precinct clears.
  • Timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event.
  • Details of the Park-n-Rail stations and train departure times will soon be available at


U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plan – Cape Town
Cape Town Stadium (Friday, 18 February 2011)


  • The traffic management plan will replicate the successful plan used during last year’s Soccer World Cup.
  • Public Transport is the backbone of this plan, and all fans are urged to use the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride facilities arranged by the organisers and the City of Cape Town.
  • Public Transport on the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride services will be FREE for fans with a U2 Concert ticket.
  • The fan walk will be open, and we’re expecting capacity crowds to access the stadium via this route.
  • Traveling by car into the city for this show is not recommended.
  • Concert goers are encouraged to arrive at the stadium as early as possible in order to limit the pressure on the transport system, bearing in mind that the date of the show is a normal work day (Friday).
  • Pressure is expected after the show, and fans attending the concert are requested to be patient as the stadium precinct clears.
  • Detailed timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event.

U2 360 Degree Tour Parking & Transport Plans

More info and updates as they become available…

Information in this post is taken from Computicket and Big Concerts


    • LOL. Likewise, I’m sure!

  1. New mobile template in use guys?

    Good speed, front page fine, but post screen looks a bit weird. Font sizes are all over the place, esp in bullet lists where its very small. Images load fine but I still can’t see videos (just a blank space there). That could be an issue with my mobile though). Also think this comment box maybe set too wide?

    Just my 2c. Use it, etc…

  2. Awesome thanks. I see on the Big Concerts Facebook page under the comments about all this, people are discussing Inner Circle entrance. I gather we need to get there on Saturday and camp over night. So my question is, if I buy a parking ticket on Computicket (which are all dated for the Sunday – and state the parking opens at 12:30 Sunday), will I be able to show up Saturday and Park/Camp?

    Oh and also, which parking area is closest to the GA entrance. GA entrance is V X Z according to my tickets.

    • Hi there Arkdia

      I don’t think it’s a situation that BigC have anticipated to be honest. I am also tracking the requests they are getting over on their FB page and will update as soon as we hear anything.

      As for which parking area is closest – I think it’s much of a muchness. The Nasrec and Shareworld areas are probably equally away, on opposite sides of the stadium, and if anything the Ring Road parking is possibly the closest. Does your ticket indicate a Gate number at all? 1, 2, 3, etc.?

      (P.S. I haven’t forgotten our other discussion, just need to finalise a couple of things and will mail you soon with the details…)

      • Hi Greg,

        Thanks for the update. My ticket says:

        Turnstile 15- 19
        Entrance V/X/Z

        I was also thinking Ring Road as it’s in the south and that looks like where the GA entrance should be. I just called Big Concerts and they say that we can purchase parking tickets for Sunday but parking on Saturday will be free. They said more info will be released next week. If they arrange a parking area for Saturday, hopefully we can park in the area for which we bought tickets or we’d have to move our cars on Sunday.

        (P.S. No hurry. 🙂 Still figuring out what to blog about anyway. hehe.)

  3. I also would like to know about the Inner Circle armbands. If parking only opens at 12h30 on Sunday. Where do we park on the SAT….

    • Hi Beverly
      As noted in response to Arkdia, as soon as I can get more information on this, I’ll post it up here. Stay tuned!

    • Saw a note yesterday from Big Concerts that arrangements are being made with the stadium management to make a parking area available on Saturday for those wanting to camp over night in the Inner Circle queue.

      More details as I can find them…

  4. Hi
    I have been trying to book a bus parking ticket at computicket but it will only allow me to book car parking .HELP.! we are a big group going and have booked a bus gee hope we are able to get parking.

    • Morning Margaret

      It looks like the bus parking has been sold out… Is that even possible I wonder? If I were you I’d go into a Computicket outlet directly, and get them to check for you – they should be able to tell you if the area is sold out or not.

      If it is sold out you may be forced to find an alternative area to park your bus. Investigate maybe Gold Reef City or perhaps a school in the area? Might mean a bit of a walk – Gold Reef City to FNB Stadium is about a 2.5km walk. In a group it could be a good laugh!

      • Drop all the others off at stadium, park bus at Gold Reef and take taxi back to stadium…..

  5. Checked with Computicket bus parking sold out.! 700 buses +- 35,000 people can this be.
    Not sure there is access to drop off people.

    • Figured out that dropping people off outside the stadium will probably not work Margaret. In the Info Notes posted by Big Concerts earlier today:

      Please do not attempt to approach the stadium by car, unless you are in possession of a Computicket issued parking ticket. Roads in the Soccer City precinct will be closed from 06:00am on Saturday 12th February 2011, and you will not be allowed entry unless you have the prerequisite parking ticket.

  6. which is the best parking ticket to purchase for park & walk as the fnb stadium parking is sold out?

    • In all honesty Bev, I think that the various parking areas are all pretty equal in their distance from the stadium, simply on different sides of the stadium precinct. All of them are certainly within reasonably comfortable walking distance.

      Much of a muchness again would be my initial answer – if you can get a parking ticket, grab it. It sounds like they are selling fast.

      If you push me though I’d personally go in this order:

      Precinct South – Ring Road Parking
      Precinct North – Soweto Highway Shareworld
      Precinct South East – Corner Nasrec & Rand Show Roads
      Precinct West – Golden Highway Parking

  7. we have 3 cars and variuos different types of tickets! OK will try in those orders.


    • Good luck! And let us know how you get on!

      • Got parking tickets on Fri for Ring Road, now just waiting patiently for more info on the Inner circle armbands as to Sat when we will be allowed to start arriving at the stadium

        • Great news Bev. Am sure your parking tickets are a solid buy.

          Stay tuned to BlaBla. We have a post coming up later this afternoon with as much info as we can get about Inner Circle access. We’re including a bunch of insights from a U2 Super-Fan who has seen U2 live over 40 times, including 15-odd times on the 360 Tour all with General Admission access from the Inner Circle…

      • Hey Greg And fans,

        I am looking for a few tickets for the U2 concert in jhb for some friends. Please let me know if you know of any? 🙂

        Please and thankoooo! (YAY, Sunday is nearly here!)

  8. We are not Jhb locals and didn’t go to any 2010 games – realistically how early do we have to get to a park and ride facility, and how often will the buses leave from the 1300 start time? The idea of hanging around FNB stadium for hours in advance doesn’t appeal – if the stadium is only being opened at 4pm I would like to aim for that time! Or is that just being foolish with thousands trying to get in!??

    • Hi there Lise
      I think the buses will run as they fill from 1pm onwards, with the last bus leaving for the stadium at 6:30pm. Probably roughly about 30 minutes apart was the norm during the WC I think. If you’re holding Field Standing tickets I think try and go earlier, if you have seated tickets somewhere between 5 and 6 should be okay.

  9. If you have a car it’s cheaper to get a parking ticket… Park and ride is R70per person parking ticker per car is R50 and then its a short walk to stadium. During the world cup i did not once catch the park and ride as after the games the wait to catch the bus back was long. Even though we are from durban still park and walk is the best. You determine when you want to arrive and leave. Remember the number of people decinding on the stadium will be thousands so planning will be everything. And depends on what tickets you have? if you have seated no need to be there as the gates open but plan to be there at least 1 hr before the show begins gives time to get in and if traffic is hectic you won’t miss U2 maybe just opening acts

    • Everyone in our group of 10 going to the FNB are complete novices, we all watched the World Cup from our armchairs/ pubs. From the comments it appears that park n’ walk is the best option? I’m having problems trying to book parking online with computicket. Does anyone know if they have opened this option yet or are they all sold out? I guess then the only choice is park n’ ride making for a long day. Please can anyone confirm what time U2 are on stage and what time bus we should be leaving the Dome on. if park n’ walk is not an option

      • Sue I did hear/read somewhere that parking area referred to as “Ring Road Parking” at the stadium is sold-out, but I see from the Computicket site that there seems to still be space in the other 3 parking areas.

        Go here:, select one of the parking areas for the the “Select Area” drop-down, and enter the number of parking tickets you want. (You only need one ticket per vehicle). A “Check Availability” button should appear. Click on that, confirm and off you go! You must choose the “Area” first and then the “Number” or else it doesn’t work for some reason.

        If you go decide on the Park n Ride instead, there are links to all the options (and the Park n Rail options as well) here: – Be aware though that for both these options tickets need to be bought PER PERSON travelling at R50 for the trains or R70 for the bus.

        Our answers to ADP and to Mark below should answer your other questions regarding the concert timings and the bus times.

        Let us know how you get on.

  10. Does anyone have the park and ride bus timetables.

    • Can’t find anything with those details for Cape Town yet ADP.

      For Joburg:
      There are 4 Park n Ride locations – Constitution Hill, The Coca-Cola Dome, Emperors Palace and Gold Reef City.
      All Park n Ride facilities will open at 12h00 and the first buses will leave at 13h00 for FNB Stadium.
      The FINAL buses will leave Park n Ride facilities NO LATER than 18h30.
      After the show buses will leave the stadium for the Park n Ride centres as and when each bus reaches capacity. The last bus shall leave the stadium at 02:00am.

  11. Hi. I have General Admission standing tickets for the Cape Town concert. Do you know what time the stadium will be letting people in on the Friday?

    • Hiya Mark

      Timings for things in Cape Town:
      Gates Open: 16:30
      Amadou and Marium: 20:00
      Springbok Nude Girls: 20:45
      U2: 21:30

      The show should be wrapped up by 23:30 – 23:45 at the latest.

      Big Concert also note that they will allow GA ticket holders to start queuing from 7am in the morning already – especially important if you are hoping to be one of the first 2700 fans who will get Inner Circle armbands.

  12. There seems to be some sort of a problem or loop hole with the disabled parking. How can disabled parking be all sold out? On the computicket site, the disabled parking is not clearly marked as being for disabled only, so I am guessing that everybody grapped those parking tickets. Wandering if there is going to be any kind of control over this? There seems to be nothing stopping anybody from buying disabled parking, especially since it is not clear on the computicket site…

    • If this is true Beverley it would be a horrible indictment of these peoples’ level of integrity and honesty. Very little upsets me as easily as idiots who park in disabled parking bays when they clearly are not disabled.

      Stupidity and being an damn asshole does not qualify you for disabled parking people.

      If you are one of those perfectly able bodied people who are planning on parking in an area allocated to those who are genuinely disabled my fervent wish is that not only are you loudly booed, harassed and totally embarrassed by those of us who will see you being a douchebag on the day, but also that you are turned away from the parking lot, forcing you to find parking miles away on the pavement somewhere.

      And to add to my joy of you becoming acquainted with Madam Karma the Bitch, I trust that when you do eventually get to the stadium you discover that your ticket is rejected by the security staff and you are refused entry to the concert. On your eventual return to your car having you discover that your broken window and missing GPS and CD player are the least of your problems when compared to figuring out how you will be able to move your vehicle with 3 flats tyres and only 1 spare would add that cherry to your punishment.

      Good luck 🙂

      • Hahahahahahaha! I was gonna pack rotten eggs for such ppl. But you seem to have the ultimate plan of karmic justice in place! Wow! I really feel sorry for any inconsiderate able-bodied ass that decides to mess with the disabled in your presence! 🙂

        • 🙂
          Karma and I have had a disagreement or two in past Ark. I have learned to work with her nowadays. I find that watching her work is deeply satisfying as a result.

  13. I’ve bought a Park n Rail ticket (Pretoria-Nasrec), but will catch the train at Rhodesfield.
    Does anyone know what parking facilities there are at Rhodesfield station (Metrorail) and is it the same parking as for the Gautrain station? I see the Gautrain station’s parking closes at 21h00!

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • Hey Grant
      I’m pretty certain that Metrorail/PRASA will have taken the times of the returning trains into consideration for their parking areas.

      The detailed rail schedule shows the 8 trains scheduled to return to Rhodesfield between 01:15 and 02:05 on the Monday morning. I imagine a lot of people will be doing things the way you are.

      To be sure, why not give Metrorail a call and ask? Telephone: (012) 315 2007/8
      Let us know what they say.

      • Well, gave them a call … and they met my expectations … cos I had none!
        They have no clue about parking options at Rhodesfield station.

        • Howzit Grant
          Had my expectations on your behalf met as well sadly 🙁 I sent an email to one Lillian Mofokeng who is listed on the PRASA website as the Gauteng contact person for Metrorail last week Thursday. No response.

          Here’s the page on their site with the her details: Maybe try the cell number for her?
          Phone: 0800 127 070
          Lillian Mofokeng
          Mobile: 082 888 8362
          Phone: 0800 127 070

  14. And here’s another handy link (in case it hasn’t come up yet) that will take you a central page at Computicket from where you can get to the booking screens for all the Parking, Park & Ride and Park & Rail options available for the Johannesburg show:

  15. Hi Greg

    Parking tickets seem to be a nightmare i have spoken to a number of companys who have booked coaches and cant get parking tickets for the bus.What on earth will we all do.
    If we cant get in where do you think the nearest drop off point is.

    • Margaret
      I’ve asked Big Concerts if there’s any chance that any of the car parking areas could be reconfigured to accommodate more buses. They haven’t responded as yet either positively or negatively. If they do, I’ll mail you immediately.

      Closest drop off point I’d imagine would be somewhere on the Nasrec road. I suppose you could get your bus driver to try and get you as close as possible to one of the road closures before they stop and turn the bus around because you don’t have a parking ticket. BUT, with the roads in the area being closed from the previous day already (Saturday at 06:00 I heard?) I think that the access routes are going to be packed solid with cars.

  16. ~recieved via email and reposted by BlaBla~


    • Hi Marcelle
      Doubt there’ll be wheelchairs available at the parking areas on the day. I’d recommend that you look in to hiring one perhaps? I don’t know much about these things myself but a Google search brought up information about a decent sounding company (Affordable Wheelchair Hire) at this link:

      Their listing on HotFrog mentions the following:
      Affordable Wheelchair Hire.
      We hire wheelchairs at R 350.00 Per Month, Daily and Weekly rates available. A refundable deposit of R 500.00 is required on collection.
      All our wheelchairs are lightweight, fold up and fit into any car.

    • Marcelle, have you managed to get disabled parking though?
      My husband is on crutches, and when I tried, all diabled parking is sold out. (Not sure if being on crutches qualifies for diabled anyway….??) We have decided to go with the park and ride… but have no idea where that will drop us off. Serioulsy hoping we are not gonna have to walk 2km with crutches.

      • Hi Bev
        From what we understand, P&R vehicles will be using the express BRT lanes and will drop people off at the BRT terminal right alongside the stadium. That was the approach used during the WC as well. The BRT terminal is a couple of 100 meters from the stadium entrances.

        Your husband should be able to rock those crutches no problem!

        • Awesome Thanks! 🙂

  17. Can anyone tell me if there’s an extra cost involved to the Park and Ride
    facility in Joburg, or is the cost of that included in the concert tickets?
    I remember that for the Soccer World Cup match that I went to in Durbs we
    just showed our tickets and were allowed onto the buses. Similar situation
    or is it wishful thinking on my part?

    ~received via email and reposted by BlaBla~

  18. Hi Greg

    Flying In on Sat Lunchtime from UK,will collect my Parking ticket from a shoprite/checkers outlet,then down to the Firs shopping mall for my U2 ticket

    What Is the official word on the Inner circle armbands,are they distributing them on a first come first served starting on the Saturday then come back on the Sunday morning,or do we queue from Sunday at 7.00am which Is in the official Big concerts press release,there seems to be conflicting stories.

    Also If we can collect the Armbands Saturday can we park with our Sunday Parking ticket in the official car parks.

    Any Information Is much appreciated,after all the stress over the concert tickets!!.

    Cheers Dave

    • Hi David
      The original word was that they would issue 50% of the Inner Circle armbands the day before the concert, and the balance on a first come – first serve basis on the day. That was the info given at the time the concerts were announced and tickets went on sale last year. Nothing much more was said about it until mid-January when Big Concerts then started to suggest that they would not do anything the day before other than allow overnight camping in the area of the stadium precinct. The mention of all of the Inner Circle armbands being issued on the day to the first 2,700 people in the appointed queue (which they will let people start forming officially at 7am on the morning of the show) now seems to be the accepted message. That seems to me to be the most reliable option at this stage. At least, if I was going to the concert, it’s the information I’d work with.

      There is mention on the Big Concerts Facebook page that those wishing to stay overnight at the stadium will be “direct by our (as in Big Concerts’) stewards to an appropriate parking area for the Saturday. I think the expectation is that you then move your car to the parking area for which you’ve got a parking ticket on the Sunday when those areas are opened.

      I’m trying to get anyone and everyone who uses Twitter to add a #U2JHB or #U2CT hashtag to anything they tweet related to the concerts, and will setup a Twitter follow stream here on BlaBla to track information as people on the ground become aware of things. Would definitely help everyone if we had a solid flow of information about ticket collections, queues, parking, camping, the concert itself both in tweets and tweeted pictures.

      I think a lot of folk are stressed by all of the ticketing issues, but am pretty sure that things will work out okay in the end. It’s shaping up to be a memorable concert – the biggest one yet!

      Hope it’s a happy trip from the UK and that all goes well for you! Don’t forget your sunblock!


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