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Posted by on Jan 24, 2011 in Entertainment, Featured, Joburg, News | 77 comments

U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plans

Updated: Tuesday, 25 January 2011 @ 22h30

You think you've got parking problems?!!The official information regarding Parking and Transport Arrangements for the two upcoming U2 360° Tour Concerts in Joburg and Cape Town is slowly being released by Big Concerts this week. We’ll keep this post updated as and when new information becomes avaialble.

U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plan Info – Johannesburg
FNB Stadium (Sunday, 13 February 2011)

Computicket is selling near-stadium Parking for the Johannesburg Concert:

Parking Ticket prices:

  • Car Parking Ticket: R50.00
  • Bus Parking Ticket: R220.00

One parking ticket is needed per vehicle entering the parking area. One bus parking ticket is needed per bus entering the parking area.
Parking tickets and bus tickets do not give access to FNB Stadium (Soccer City) – A concert ticket per person is needed to enter the stadium.

Parking gates open at 12:30
Stadium Gates open at 16:30

No exchanges are allowed

All Parking Areas are in the Nasrec Precinct area, within comfortable walking distance to the stadium. A special designated area is also available for disabled parking.

The parking areas are:

  • Precinct East (Bus Parking) – Nasrec Road Overflow East
  • Precinct North – Soweto Highway Shareworld
  • Precinct South East – Corner Nasrec & Rand Show Roads
  • Precinct South – Ring Road Parking
  • Precinct West – Golden Highway Parking
  • PS8: Disabled Parking, Stadium Inner East – Off Nasrec Road (if booking this area, select “FNB Stadium Parking” from the venue selector)

Parking Ticket purchases can only be made through Computicket:

  • In person at Computicket outlets, Shoprite and Checkers in-store outlets
  • Telephonically via 083 915 8000
  • Online via Computicket Website, mobile site, or iPhone App

Johannesburg Park & Ride and Transportation Options:

  • The traffic management plan to FNB Stadium will replicate that used during the Soccer World Cup.
  • Concert goers are encouraged to arrive at the stadium as early as possible in order to limit the pressure on the transport system.
  • If you DO NOT have a parking ticket you will not be allowed near the FNB Stadium.  (~presumably this means with a car! ed.~)
  • A limited number of parking tickets within the Soccer City precinct are already available from Computicket.  (~see the info on parking above. ed!)
  • Please remember to carpool if you have purchased a parking ticket.
  • All fans are urged to use the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride facilities.  Tickets to both options are required “PER PERSON” traveling.  These will be available from Computicket from Wednesday, 26 January 2011.
  • The Park-n-Ride facilities will be located at Constitution Hill, the Coca-Cola Dome, Emperors Palace and Gold Reef City.
  • All Park-n-Ride facilities will open at 12h00 on the day of the concert, with the the first buses leaving at 13h00 for FNB Stadium.
  • The FINAL buses to the stadium will leave the Park-n-Ride facilities NO LATER than 18h30.
  • There will be no additional payment at any of the Park-n-Ride facilities and you are NOT EXPECTED to pay any security or parking attendance staff.
  • There will more than enough SAPS, Metro Police and Private Security support at all Park-n-Ride facilities and at the FNB Stadium to secure all attendees and vehicles.
  • Heavy traffic pressure is expected after the show, and fans attending the concert are requested to be patient as the stadium precinct clears.
  • Timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event.
  • Details of the Park-n-Rail stations and train departure times will soon be available at


U2 360° South Africa Concert Parking & Transport Plan – Cape Town
Cape Town Stadium (Friday, 18 February 2011)


  • The traffic management plan will replicate the successful plan used during last year’s Soccer World Cup.
  • Public Transport is the backbone of this plan, and all fans are urged to use the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride facilities arranged by the organisers and the City of Cape Town.
  • Public Transport on the Park-n-Rail and Park-n-Ride services will be FREE for fans with a U2 Concert ticket.
  • The fan walk will be open, and we’re expecting capacity crowds to access the stadium via this route.
  • Traveling by car into the city for this show is not recommended.
  • Concert goers are encouraged to arrive at the stadium as early as possible in order to limit the pressure on the transport system, bearing in mind that the date of the show is a normal work day (Friday).
  • Pressure is expected after the show, and fans attending the concert are requested to be patient as the stadium precinct clears.
  • Detailed timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event.

U2 360 Degree Tour Parking & Transport Plans

More info and updates as they become available…

Information in this post is taken from Computicket and Big Concerts


  1. Hi Greg
    I finally managed to get a bus parking ticket through Computicket call center, however the website still says not available.Amazing.!!!Conflicting reports on start time for Jo’burg concert ticket says 7pm others say 8pm help please

    • Ahh the vagaries of technology! Good to hear that you managed to get your group sorted with a bus parking – sounds like the ideal way to do this concert to me!

      Big Concerts posted the following regarding the show times on their FB page yesterday:
      Please note revised running times for the U2 shows (the same in both cities):

      16h30 Doors
      19h15 – 19h45 Amadou & Mariam
      19h45 – 20h00 Change over
      20h00 – 20h30 Springbok Nude Girls
      20h30 – 21h15 Change over
      21h15 – 23h30 U2

      Which sounds about right to me… Hope that helps!

  2. Cape Town question: I don’t know Cape Town really well we flying in on the Friday for the consert. We staying near Gardens/Kloof St. Where does the fan walk start, would it be possible to use that or does anyone know which park and ride we should use?

    • Nix

      It depends a little on how far up into Gardens you are staying. The Fan Walk starts from the City Center around St. Georges Mall/Waterkant Street, and then follows Somerset Road to the stadium. It’s about 2.5km in total. Sounds like the walk will be a jol with buskers, musicians and other entertainment all the way along.

      Depending on where you are staying in Gardens I’d get a taxi or the hotel to do a drop off at the bottom end of Long Street, grab a late lunch/early dinner somewhere there, and then stroll the Fan Walk. Remember to arrange a pickup afterwards as well – that hill up Long Street into Kloof Road would be murder at midnight after a concert jol. Or alternatively after the concert just carry on the party in Long Street until you fall over anyway!

  3. Hi Greg,

    I have a broken leg and is on cruttches? Is there an option to book an disabled parking ticket? And so, how far do I have to walk? Fist time at FNB stadium and we have sitting tickets on grass. I also have that little battery operated car. Can I bring it along or will there be wheelchair facilities?

    • Hi Sunette
      Sorry to hear about the leg. That may put a slight hitch in your ability to Get On Your Boots! 🙂

      From my understanding, there is a designated disabled parking area, but tickets for it were sold out very quickly. We had a discussion here recently about it, and there was a suggestion made that it may have sold out so quickly because either people didn’t realise that they were booking disabled parking, or maybe they did know but are unpleasant enough to book their parking there anyway because its the closest parking to the stadium.

      There are also wheelchair facilities throughout the stadium, but I wouldn’t know enough about them to say whether the motorised cart would work or not. Maybe give the stadium management office a call directly and chat to them? The number is: 011 247 5300

      The other thing I’ve recently found out about is what they are calling VIP Parking – it is in an area directly alongside the stadium, but costs a lot more than the normal parking – R120 per car I think. Have a look at Computicket here: to book this. (But be careful you dont book the R350 one – that’s VIP parking for buses!)

      Hope that you come right and enjoy the show, even with the sore leg!

  4. Hi Greg

    We have chosen to park and ride from Constitution hill. What would you suggest is the best time to get there so that we dont get too held up. I parked there for the world cup and the turn around time was phenomenal – hopefully its the same this time round as well.

    • Hi Rally
      Of the P&Rides I think ConHill is probably going to be the best. There’s theoretically no reason why it should work as smoothly as it did during the WC. The P&R buses will be using the Rea Vaya lanes from the city to FNB and should get you all the way to the BRT Terminal right alongside the stadium. Should be a comfortable experience I think.
      As to what time to go, up to you I guess. Give yourself a good hour from the time of leaving ConHill to the time to get through the gates and all should be okay. Personally, I’d get there early than later and soak up as much of the vibe as I could.
      Enjoy the show!

    • Those are excellent parking and area plans Beverly – thanks so much for sharing them.

      You’re right though – still not entirely certain of which area is which. I reckon everyone who is parking at the stadium should take a printout of the two plans to the show with them. Hopefully the parking stewards and police manning the barriers are friendly enough to point you in the right direction if you get a little lost…

  5. This is my first time in JHB and going to the FNB Staduim. It seems ALL the parking is sold out. Would you be able to just drive there and park at lets say parking area that is further e.g. Nasrec area? Otherwise I am in seriou trouble as I have tickets but won’t be abel to get there! lol

    • Hey Daniela!

      Don’t know about the parking being sold out? I’ve just checked the online system and was offered a parking ticket for the Golden Highway parking area. Go here: , select the number of tickets (1) and then click the “Check Availability” button. It’ll tell you that no ‘tickets’ are available in your selected area, and offer you the next best alternative. Click on the “Add to Basket” button in that window, and then the “Proceed to Checkout” button on the next.

      You’ll still have to physically collect the ticket from a Computicket outlet, but I strongly recommend that you take the official parking bay. Leaving your car on a side road somewhere is definitely not a good idea.

      Come back and let us know if you come right! Good luck 🙂

      • Thanks Greg, I must have looked at the PRIVATE parking and also the park and ride.

        I don’t know the area and I have no idea what The Nasrec Precinct means. And then you have south, north etc. Could you maybe tell me if this is like parking at Nasrec where you normally go to the Rand Show? Or where are these areas?

        Thanks for the fast response!

        • We’re all wondering much the same thing Daniela! All we’re fairly sure of is that the “Nasrec Precinct” is the area around the Exhibition Center directly to the south of the stadium, the Shareworld and Golden Highway parking is on the other side.

          Beverly posted links to two plans that she’d come across, and this one: shows multiple parking areas around the Nasrec area. We’re just not certain which one is which! I reckon you should book anyone that you can get – rather have a parking ticket that not.

      • Ok cool. Well I better just get a ticket and then we can find out once we get there I suppose.

        Thanks Greg!

  6. Ok, so I got a golden highway parking spot in the parsec precinct which nobody really knows where in the precinct is what…..
    Now, how do I get to the precinct from n4 Nelspruit mpumalanga? Any suggestions?

    • Zach dude! Let Google be your guide:
      Click that link for Google Map with directions Nelspruit to Nasrec.
      Drive safely!

  7. Yeah man, I know google will get me there but just wasn’t sure if roads will be blocked or if it it better to come to the stadium from the south via n12 or north via m1. I guess there will be signs for the golden highway parking…..

    • I see. Sorry 🙂 The N12 route is probably the better one. I’d look for the “Old Potchefstroom Road/Rand Show Road” off ramps (I thinks they’re exits #67 & then #68).

      You could do either off-ramp: Old Potch leads onto Golden H/way, but if you take this one watch for the split on the right after crossing over the N12 – if you miss it you land up going back towards the cit on the M1. If you do Rand Show road, the parking should be on your right when you get to the Nasrec precinct area.

      Here’s (a very!) rough idea of what I’m thinking….

      Hopefully there’ll be plenty of signage and helpful stewards and police around….

  8. Thanks Greg! That gives me something to aim at! I appreciate it! Zach

  9. Just spoke to Shari Mattera at the stadium on 011 247 5300 and she gave us directions on where to park etc etc. Really helpful lady. She knows whats going on.

  10. Hi, where can I found info re ParkNride facilities for Cape Towns concert tomorrow? Pick-up and drop-off points.

  11. “?Detailed timetables and a full list of road closures will be published closer to the event” where can we find this information?

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