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Posted by on Oct 28, 2008 in Random | 2 comments

TwitThis Constipated?

Last night I went over to twit something and got this message appearing on the screen:

Twitter runs out of space?

No space left on device?? Does it mean that TwitThis was full of twit at the time? I accept that there is a lot of twit that gets sent its way, but so much that it appeared completely full of it? Shame.

It seems some form of technological laxative would help sooth the too-full-of-twit files. Trying to TwitThis right now produces an even worse looking message. Am I doing something wrong perhaps? Is it just me? Am I the one full of it?

As Wogan points out, the fine print at the bottom of the screenshot clearly mentions that “TwitThis has no affiliation with Twitter”. The fact that they are powered by Twitter doesn’t make them Twitter. I clearly missed this point when making my initial post! – I.R. Twit.

On a serious note though, is it possible that this twit overflow was as a result of recent news reports of Twitter being used as a high speed anonymous communications channel by terrorists?


  1. Actually, is a completely separate service, and the space problem was theirs, not Twitter's.

  2. Hi Wogan

    Clearly I was the one full of it!

    Thanks for this info – it never even occured to me that the two are seperate elements. My honest apologies are extended to Twitter, and I have corrected the blog post accordingly.

    Twit Me.

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