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Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 in Computing, Featured, Social Media | 1 comment

Twitter On Chrome Versus Twitter On The Others

Is it just me, or does the Twitter web interface look, feel and work a lot better when using Google’s Chrome browser in comparison to other browsers?

Here are a couple of screen shots taken of our BlaBlaBlog Twitter profile.


The BlaBla Blog Twitter profile on Chrome


The BlaBla Blog Twitter profile on Firefox (IE and Safari look the same as this as well)

So what gives? I’m used to seeing occasional, small differences on web sites when viewed using different browsers. But nothing this different.

Using Twitter in Chrome is a much better user experience, in my opinion, than on Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari. But why they can’t all be like Chrome is what I don’t understand. Can anyone shed light on what Chrome has going for it that the others don’t?

1 Comment

  1. Okay, so it seems now that the new Twitter look was being “beta tested” on Chrome. The other browsers – I tested on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari – all seem to be using the new look now.

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