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Posted by on Aug 26, 2009 in Random | 3 comments

Truth In Advertising

It’s a dirty job, but at least they’re honest about it. The hand-painted note on the back of the truck reads “Its a SHITTY business”. Who would have though that the Mr. Loo portable toilet delivery staff had such a good sense of humour?

It's a shitty business

Snapped on the mobile as I was driving past the turning truck – reactions not as quick as they used to be, sorry for the poor resolution.


  1. I have seen this, it is hillarious. I once saw " The shit stops here" painted on the back of a honey sucker………you know what that is ,…..hey?

  2. Honey sucker? That the thing that cleans septic tanks, right?

  3. Hey! I gave you an award. Come by my place and check it out!

    Okay, it looks a bit feminine, but in my HO you are macho enough to pull if off! Besides, I don’t do discrimination.

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