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Posted by on Oct 7, 2009 in Entertainment, Voted, Wheels | 4 comments

Top Gear on TV Tonight

Yes boys, our favourite TV show is back on DSTV tonight.

Top Gear – Season 12, Episode 1 will be broadcast tonight at 21.30pm on BBC Entertainment. Now do not fool yourself that this is the current season. Oh no! This is last seasons shows. Season 13 is already finished in the UK.

Does it not piss you off that we are so behind?

Jump the DSTV bullshit and go view the episodes on the internet. Enjoy!


  1. According to Juliarse, the this ‘internet’ thing that you all keep going on about doesn’t exist. So I wil have to find a sociable friend to let me watch at their place tonight.

    • You are welcome to watch at my place, just bring snacks!

  2. Sounds lovely boys. You going to be giving each other facials and manicures during the ad breaks?

    • Why are you also coming?

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