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Posted by on Mar 10, 2010 in BlaBla, Entertainment, Humour, Voted | 7 comments

Time to close the circle down for good!

Scara’s comment on the post just reminded me that I had this post stored away…

Voted gave us the official “Show Dem (Make the circle bigger)” video for JR’s irritatingly catchy local tune a few weeks back. We LOL and hummed along for a bit, and then got bored by it all. Well, I did at least.

Now Chris (SEO Guru and Master Blogger over at iMod) has found the motivational poster that will (hopefully) put an end to all the “make da sircle beega” nonsense that has been plaguing me for two months now.

Jy dink jy's kooler as eke!I swear, the next person who comes bouncing along and gets right up into my face uttering those words is going to get me to pull a move like the fellow on the right of this picture. In public. And loudly. Embarrassment does not phase me. But I will embarrass you.

This white man no speak with forked tongue – you have been warned!


  1. Yes.
    And being woken by a bunch of drunk (or whatever) youths playing it on a boombox at 3am is even more reason to to close it good and tight!

    • "drunken youths at 3am"

      You sure it wasn't Voted? Sounds like his kind of night out.

      In fact, off to go check that he has this silly song in his list of "Top Sing Along Songs". It is definitely one of his favourites.

      • Ohh good ideas here! Both of them…

        beega, beega, i'll show dem show dem….

  2. Ohhh nasty!

    One day you will look back on this and think, MACERENA?

    Beeega, BEEEEGA! beeeeega! make da cirlce beeeega! Show dem, show dem!

    • See what I mean Cin?

      He's probably drunk right now…

  3. More like smoking his socks again …

  4. Hehe, I think you're getting your wish, the song is getting less and less airplay these days, although, what I have noticed is that a lot of DJs are now creating house remixes, eeek!

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