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Posted by on Dec 7, 2009 in Current Events, Entertainment, Life, Voted | 5 comments

Tiger Woods on SNL

Did you see the Saturday Night Live skit on TIGER WOODS?

Some say he hit a tree, and six girls fell out….

Some say he is putting on greener pastures…..

Some say he will soon have a MAJOR handicap if he carries on this way…

All we know is he is called TIGER WOODS

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  1. 😀

    He is also the subject of my comic today.

    • Some say, he may never "swing" again…..

    • And a good laugh it is too Monty!

      If you have yet to discover the caustic with the is Facepalm, best you get over there now already and catch up:

  2. Wonder how long it'll be before someone posts a "LEave Tiger Alone" video on YouTube?

  3. See that the count of unauthorised courses he was playing is now up to ten. And more still to come maybe? Perhaps if he loses his Nike sponsorship deal he can replace it with one from Viagra or Durex?

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