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Posted by on Oct 25, 2008 in Outdoors, Photography | 2 comments

Thunder and Lightning, Hail and Rain

Hail built up against the garden wallBut only in selected parts of Joburg!

Just had a huge Highveld thunder storm blow through the neighbourhood. Yet Mrs. Bla & Junior who were less than 10kms away saw just a few spits and splats. How weird is the weather sometimes?

The storm broke pretty close to the BlaBla offices, with the initial crash of thunder mere milliseconds after the first flash of lightning. The windows rattled in their frames for a good while as the .2 part of the team flew into hiding as fast as their four legs could take them.5 minutes later & here comes the sun!

Took a couple of happy snaps around the place as soon as it was safe to venture outdoors. Which really wasn’t very long – the storm couldn’t have lasted more than 15 minutes from that first bolt to the last drizzle.

Amazing how much can happen in 15 short minutes…


  1. Had a similar experience with this storm on Saturday. Trashed the garden and rolled through in 15 minutes. Except I had the braai going and mates round to watch the rugby. We could have used the rain in Durban though. May have helped to tame those damn Sharks a little!

  2. YOur picturs are not showing here. Can you maybe reload them?

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