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Posted by on Jan 18, 2010 in BlaBla, Entertainment, Families, Humour | 13 comments

The Ultimate Facebook Fail: Sibling Revenge

After the collection of classic Facebook Failures we posted last year, I never thought we’d get back to the topic. This one is just too good to let slip by though, so here we are again.

Here’s the back story:

Chris is seriously pissed at his (older?) sister Katie. Turns out she ratted him out to their parents telling them that Chris was hiding a 12-pack of beer in his room. His parents, being strict parents, bust him and grounded the under-age drinker miscreant for 3 months. Confined to his bedroom for much of his grounding, the well-meaning folks forget that he has access to the internet and Facebook up there.

Chris goes searching through his evil sisters’ room for some dirt. And he hits the mother lode!

Katie had composed a list of fellow students she was planning on hooking up with, with all of the dirty details intact. Chris posted this list onto his Facebook Photos page, tagging all of the guys listed.

Revenge is a bitch, but so is this guy’s sister. She had it coming we think. Read the screen grab below for all the (NSFW) details.image


  1. FACEBOOK will fuck up your day….

  2. OMG, that is just awful!#

  3. "Britney: This is SO wrong on SO many levels"


  4. @Voted: I've been saying that for a while now. FB users are (generally) so ignorant of the privacy settings they apply, and yet wonder why they make such fools of themselves so often. This story sure did ruin young Katie's day.

    @Cindy: It's how generation spanning family fueds start indeed. Still trying to confirm how genuine it all is, but it sure seems like the real deal to me.

    @Jo: Taking off my cynical and serious cap for a second, I think the funniest comment of the lot is Michael's "Hey Brian, if you get a haircut you're getting a BJ"!

    • This is so adolecent…..yet so funny!

  5. Bliksem – I pray my kids will never do that!!!

    • What go on FACEBOOK? me too, but highly unlikely.

    • Never do what MissChris? Join facebook, write a list of guys they wanna get jiigy with, or post other peoples embarrasing stuff on the internet?

  6. Re: @Jo: Taking off my cynical and serious cap for a second, I think the funniest comment of the lot is Michael’s “Hey Brian, if you get a haircut you’re getting a BJ”!

    Hey G, you need a bit of haircut yourself there buddy. Want I should send Katie a set of before and after pics for you?

  7. I know this is old now, but i always wondered what the girl meant with the abbreviation “NVM!” next to number 3 on her list (i think its Jacob).

    Does anyone know what it means maybe?

  8. I love how he says “what are you gonna do , Tell mom and dad i uploaded your dick sucking list to facebook

    • And then there was justice and peace in the house!

      As old as this story is, it still amuses the heck out of me… 🙂

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