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Posted by on Oct 29, 2010 in Music, Photography, Video | 4 comments

The U2 360 Degree Tour Flickr Images

Images from the Flickr U2 360° Tour 2009-2010 Group Stream. The images can be viewed in a slideshow, the speed of which depends on the quality of your connection. The collection also includes a number of Flickr member uploaded video clips, and shots of the concert environment from every conceivable view, vantage point, angle and level.

It’s also updated regularly with more pictures being added all the time, so check back here occasionally for more of the same.

The BlaBla Blog has no control over the images that appear in this Flickr Group Stream so don’t give us grief if there are a couple that are inappropriate or that shouldn’t be in there. Also note that there are over 22,000 images in the group at the moment, and that some of them do take a while load.

You can view the images directly on the Flickr site here: U2 360° Tour 2009-2010 .


  1. Great find guys! Love those B&W shots near the beginning of the set. I’m sure there are tons more brilliant pix, but who has the time to go through 22000 of them?!

  2. Excellent stuff. A tip for those on slow conecctions – load this page,and leave it open for a while without clicking on the play button. The pictures will load in the background. When you come back the slideshow will run a lot better.

  3. Where do find all this amazing stuff? I’m a Saffer working in the UK and wasn’t able to make the U2 concerts here, but am coming home to see them in CT next year! These pictures (and the tons of info you guys have collected here!) are just making me more and more excited. Thanks & well done!

    • There he goes again, getting the ladies all excited. Bloody hell.


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