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Posted by on Mar 2, 2010 in BlaBla, Sport | 3 comments

The Sun Continues its Anti SA 2010 Tirade

The UK Sun trash tabloid continues in it’s pointless quest to discredit South Africa and all things World Cup in South Africa in an article published yesterday entitled “Welcome to Cape Fear” together with the post tag “World Cup crime warning to soccer fans”.

CaptureI strongly recommend that the article is only read if you haven’t eaten anything in the last 60 minutes – strong feelings of disgust and nausea accompanied my cursory glance through it.

Why these fools continue in their efforts is entirely beyond me. The reality is that regardless of how good the tournament turns out – and it will turn out to be very, very good – these douche-bags will find something negative to say.

It seems, based on some of the comments, that the average Sun reader is of the inbred colonial BNP racist ilk, and nothing will appease them in the slightest. The lowest common sort of Pommie trash who want nothing more than to see a tourist massacre of biblical proportions so that they can puff out their pale and pasty chests and say “Fokken told ya so, dirnt I!”.

The “feature article”, written by someone named Dan who is an “award winning journalist”, tells of the four months that he spent “immersed in Cape Town’s brutal street culture” with some of “the most violent gangs in the world” lurking right in the “shadow of the stadium” in Cape Town. Hyperbole much Dan?

I wonder what he won an award for? Surviving four months in the man-made cesspit hell-hole that is the beautiful Mother City? Avoiding talking to anyone of the 7-odd million other foreign tourists who visit this incredibly country every year?

The general gist of the garbage (I didn’t bother reading it that closely) is that if you are one of the 30,000 English tourists going to Cape Town during the World Cup, expect to be the victim of rampant gang-related street violence and be forced into joining the tik epidemic. I think.

Get a grip! The sooner these pillocks realise that IT IS going to happen here, IT IS going to be a phenomenal jol, and IT IS just 100 days to go you tossers, 100 days! the better.

P.S. I wanted to headline this post with “The Sun Continues its Fuckery of SA 2010” but thought that may lower me to their level.


  1. Have these so-called award winning journalists ever spent time with the English soccer hooligan gangs? Make our dudes look like amatures….

    The world cup will be a success, with or without the help of the English press corps….

  2. The English press are just preparing their excuses for England's early exit from the competition when they are exposed for the collection of overpaid, undertalented, nancy-boy wankers that they are.

    Expect some nonsense along the lines of "Constable Dhlomo shot devoted father of 15 Eric "Chav" Smith when all he was doing was beating a German about the head with a chair for playing his vulvazela too loud. The scene that followed was like a re-encatetment of Rorkes Drift – gallant English heroes fighting overwhelming native odds. Only this time the natives had the guns and our brave lads had only bottles and furniture to fight back with. The England team were so affected y the scene that it is the sole reason for the below-par performance that ensured their early exit from the tournament".

  3. I am a strong believer that two wrongs dont make a right and I also believe that SA2010 will be a sucsess just like any other world cup .

    But Mr Bla Bla you see that gutrench feeling you got that made you want to throw up when you read the article you are complaining about ? As a Nigerian I felt the same way when I watched your so called award wining movie called District 9 I spent a few weeks in your beloved country and I stopped watching the nightly news after a few days the way your country reports about the rest of Africa in general and Nigeria in paticuler makes the Suns of this world look like kids magazines . If the Sun of London is white owned and we say their views on Africa and Africans are racist , what will we say about the South African reporting style ? just a thought