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Posted by on Apr 29, 2011 in Advertising, Featured, Humour, Video | 2 comments

The Royal Wedding Entrance Dance Video

Everyone loves a good wedding video. And since Jill and Kevin’s’ now famous Wedding Entrance Dance Video, everyone wants to dance into the wedding. Will and Kate are no different it seems. Here is their Royal Wedding Entrance Dance video!

Okay so it’s not a real video, but the use of a group of royal lookalikes by advertiser T-Mobile in a really fun extended advert has attracted a lot of online attention in the two weeks since its YouTube release. Featuring a retinue led by a fake Prince Harry, Prince Andrew, the Princesses Beatrix and Eugenie, King-in-Waiting Charles and and his lovely wife Camilla, and of course Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince Phillip. Stars of the show Prince William and his lovely bride Kate Middleton bring the classic wedding entrance dance to a close.

It’s only then that we discover that the video is a T-Mobile advert and plays on their “Life is for Sharing” payoff line adapted with a ‘quote’ from the Queen: “One’s life is for sharing”. All of which is fairly ironic when we hear that cell phones, tweeting and the like have all been banned from the real wedding itself.

It’s been a while since the world has been so taken by a royal wedding. An estimated 2 billion people around the world will watch the Royal Wedding on television. (Incidentally, if you are one who wants to watch it, but aren’t near a TV, you could catch the entire ceremony being streamed live online by YouTube on their dedicated Royal Wedding Channel). The billions of viewers will join the millions of royal fans from all over the world (including a bunch from South Africa) who have flooded into London in order to say they were there.

We salute Kate for refusing to ‘obey’ her princely husband, and wish them both a long, happy life together. May they not face the same challenges and troubles that plagued the last fairy-tale royal wedding between the parents of the Princes’ Harry and William.

Oh, and in case you’re not one of the over 65 million viewers of Jill and Kevin’s’ Wedding Entrance Dance video that created the basis for the T-Mobile Royal Wedding version, you can see it here.

Mazel tov to the happy couple from all of us here at The BlaBla Blog!


  1. My Dear & Loyal Subjects of the Southern Hemisphere Commonwealth Nations & those in the (Once Glorious) Former Colonies

    One extends her thanks to all of you for your heartfelt wishes of congratulations on the occasion of the wedding of One’s Grandson HRH William to the Commoner Catherine. One is certain to have a lackey pass these wishes onto the Royal Bridal Couple.

    One must say that all of this Royal Wedding pomp and ceremony does tire One out somewhat, and that One is decidedly looking forward to the arrival of gin o’clock and to having Oneself a little lie down later.

    For now though, One must adorn the Royal Head with an appropriate piece of headwear and head off to the Abbey.

    God bless Oneself.
    HRH Elizabeth II

  2. Hilarious comment from HRH! 😀 Liz, you rock.

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