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Posted by on Feb 7, 2011 in EdsPick1, Featured, Interviews, Photography, WhiteSockGirl | 3 comments

The Lilyana Karadjova Interview: A Story for Every Picture

This is the maiden post for WhiteSockGirl here at The BlaBla Blog. Make her feel welcome and show her some love so that she’ll be inclined to give us many more…

I find inspiration for my A Story of Every Picture in the amazing pictures of talented photographers. So, I am forever searching for photographers that can twist my three brain cells.

Lilyana’s pictures do not twist my brain cells. Her work makes them to jump like horny rabbits and cause my ability to produce coherent sentences to evaporate.

Her emotionally charged pictures made me curious about the artist behind the work. I contacted Lilyana and asked for interview. She agreed. She is just fab like that.

The Interview:

Where were you born?

Sofia, Bulgaria

Describe Lilyana the person in no more than five words.

Energy, temperament, artistic, inconstant, wild

Describe Lilyana the artist in no more than five words.

Sensitive, dramatic, naïve, dreamy, different

I want to know about your very first professional gig. What was it about?

I don’t like to talk about my art in terms of professional realization, because this has nothing to do with my inspiration. I’ve shot magazine cover, I have made personal exhibition, I have sold plenty of photo reproductions, but this is not the essential part of my work. My first gig in art, as it happens by many people is a mélange of misery, artistic energy, freedom and strength to direct this catalyzed energy in one point. I had such an energy in the beginning that one of my first photos is still one of my best photos ever. It is called “Touch me tender”


Touch Me Tender

Who is your favourite model?

I don’t have any favorites, but I work pretty well with several women. The Bulgarian actress Irmena Chichikova is one of them. She has a very dramatic, beautiful and expressive face.

Name one celebrity you would love to use in your shoots.

The young Nick Cave. Since he’s grown older, I would shot the old Nick Cave.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite pictures, Faded. Why are you calling it Faded? What was your inspiration?

This is an oil print made by me. There is a photogram in it – the leaf was above the photo paper, so its area remained gray. My inspiration wasn’t something concrete, it is rather a mad state of mind that I enter and when I finish shooting I escape.



I want to rename Protection. I want to call it Sexy, Hot or Content. She looks so amazingly content. Why are you calling it Protection?

Because I didn’t want to use any trivial, common, “washed” words. Protection may also be a “washed” word, but not as much as sexy. The photo shows protective embrace.



K II Just an observation. She is hot! This is one very sexy, sensual picture. But the picture has a fragile quality about it. Fab. Bitch Fab!

Actually the model is a vulgar bitch. But as much as she is just a model for me this is perfectly Ok. The sexy mood comes from her personality and the fragile feeling comes from me.



Sides of seduction. I think I read somewhere that it is a self portrait?



Sides of Seduction

Tell me about your absolute favourite picture (from your own fabulous collection, of course!)

I don’t have favorites, absolutes or whatever. However I like some of my photos more than others, as any artist would cay about oneself. And I love some of my photos. “Intersection of intentions” for example.


Intersection of Intensions

There you have it, Lilyana uncut and fabulous. You need more? No problem. Just click over to Lilyana Karadjova!

Link to Lilyana’s website:

You can also find more of WSG’s fab bitch writing on her blog: My Splintered Life, and review her A Story for Every Picture series there as well.


  1. Very nice images indeed. And a nice 1st post! Judging by the self-portrait, I reckon Lilyana warrants a lot more time in front of the camera as well 😉

    • +1 for A-R!
      She does take and make a good picture, doesn’t she?!

  2. Love the protection photo. I relate easily to the feeling portrayed in it. The photo amplifies the beauty and treasures of such an embrace and makes you quickly realize how great it is to actually have that in your life…made me smile. 🙂 The use of the word “protection” has a great impact. Brilliant. Or maybe I’m too female, instinctively (but not willingly) seeking out protection from the male species?

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