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Posted by on Sep 21, 2009 in Life, Random, Voted | 12 comments

The Damage is Done

I have RE-Damaged my knee. You see old injuries die hard but come back at the drop of a hat!

WARNING! The following pictures may offend sensitive viewers.


This is the knee at the initial hospital visit. And yes, those were my favourite jeans……


This is what it looked like by Saturday.

I need to go back on Tuesday and see what the Doctor says.

(Voted! hope you don’t mind too much, but I’ve reduced the initial size of the images to avoid losing my lunch. It was a lovely chicken pasta. It and the two glasses of Chardonnay that went with it really do want to stay down until dinner time at least! Those made of sterner stuff need only click on the image thumbnails in order to view the damage done in all its’ high resolution finery.)


  1. Good grief my good man. That does look jolly unpleasant I say, what?!
    (Sorry, just read Supagrans’ story about English).

    My drill sergeant used to say stuff like “gooi ‘n bietjie spoeg en ‘n nat lap om hom en jy sal regkom.” It was this sort of homespun, down on the farm wisdom that he would sprout for anything wrong with any troop – shrapnel in the eye, limbs lost in a mine explosion, food poisoning from the dodgy army food, made no difference really.

    The fact that this approach is what probably kept him in the army and not in the more lucrative field of trauma surgery was entirely lost on him obviously.

    Hope your doctor has more than “spoeg” and a “nat lap” at his disposal – those pictures suggest you’re going to need them!

    • I put on a panty liner and stuck it down with an old chappie I found under the chair. Seems to do the job.

  2. Sjoe, Kev, that does not look good, what on earth did you do to yourself?

    • I did a bit of TARSLIDING, it's all the rage at the moment!

  3. Hey dude, that looks nasty. What on earth did you do. You need to see the doctor. Infection can be a killer.

    • Thanks for the concern, I have now had 4 different doctors oppinions and all are happy, just had it cleaned up so it does look a hell of a lot better today

  4. Woah, dude… what happened???

    • Slipped on some loose gravel and the tar did the rest, more a burn than anything else, oh exept the big hole…

  5. Wow Voted Dude! When the foreman said to paint the lines on the road, I dont think he really meant for you to use your knee.

    Looks ugly man, and damn sore too. Hope it heals all good.

    • The new red line means NO STOPPING EVER!

  6. Yikes Kev, that looks damned ugly!

    • It will get prettier they say!

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