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Posted by on Aug 17, 2010 in Columnist, Current Events, Featured, Politics, South Africa, Voted | 2 comments

Is the DA-ID Merger Anti-Competetive?

Is the latest DA-ID merger Anti-Competitive? Or are they just undermining the DEMOCRATIC principles they both “Adhere” to?

Helen Zille commented on a radio interview with John Robbie that the two parties can not “merge” as such due to a constitutional amendment. So, in order to facilitate the “marriage” they will create DUAL MEMBERSHIP for the ID members up until the 2014 elections, then I assume that the ID will not run in the NATIONAL ELECTIONS and will campaign under the DA banner. So, the ID members will then by-default VOTE for the DA….or will they?

The DA will still have to convince the man on the street that they are the party to vote for. The ID members will want to see their candidates on the ballot paper. What will happen to the DA candidates that already exist in those areas?

Is this a cop-out by the DA? Have they basically admitted to not having any of their own decent candidates to compete with the ID? Or are they buying VOTES from the ID? The ID is a very small party and can not financially carry on at this low level. Those candidates will need better support at some stage, and this could just be a way to “keep a job”.

The two parties have sat at opposite sides of the table on a number of issues. I will be interested to see how this marriage of convenience will be managed. Who will be the marriage counsellor? COPE? Will they also sell their VOTERS to the DA? I can not see that happening. But then, in SA politics stranger things have happened.

COPE would need to sort out their power struggles very quickly, and the only way to solve that is a split in the party, maybe with one faction joining the DA and the other, going it alone?

Now to my point, if such major amalgamations took place in the private sector the competition commission would be all over this. Investigating and declaring uncompetitive behaviour….luckily for the political parties there is no such body in SA. Maybe this is the first step to a 2 party political system in SA…..the ruling party and the opposition. Would that be a better or worse move?

I am also worried that politics in SA has become totally ANTI ANC instead of PRO-SOUTH AFRICAN and might be losing focus on the real issues, and the people…….time for them to refocus me says.


  1. Perhaps it is a sad indictment of the constitution we are so proud off; the fact that parties cannot merge.

    • I think it does protect us in a way, floor crossing was never to the VOTERS benefit

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