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Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in Computing, Current Events, EdsPick4, Politics | 4 comments

The ANCYL Website Hack Wasn’t Us. Promise.

We’d love to take credit for hacking the ANCYL web site, but we cant. It wasn’t us. Promise.

ancyl site hack postYesterday delivered much online mirth at the expense of the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) when they discovered that their website had been hacked. The imposters, calling themselves The {Blah Blah} Protest Group managed to access the site’s front page and posted a message purporting to be from Youth League President Julius Malema. In the message, Fauxlema announces that he is resigning his position and stepping down as Youth League President.

Since the story broke, we here at The BlaBla Blog have taken a phone call or two and received a message or lots, to ask if we “knew anything” about the incident. My disdain for Mr. Malema is well noted, and I have mentioned my frequent amusement at the quality of material produced and published on the ANCYL’s web site before.

Now, as much as I and the gang here would love to take credit for the slighting of JM and the YL, we can’t. It wasn’t us. We don’t know how to even begin to do something like this. And besides, our Bla is free of all unnecessary imperialist H’s – we are an H-free organisation.

Seriously, why “Blah” when “Bla” works so well?

ancyl site hack screen

The fake post starts off with “After much thought I Julius Malema have decided to step down as ANC Youth league President.”  (Anyone reading those first three words would immediately have realised at that point that the post was a fake….)

Fauxlema then goes onto list “a few reasons why this (his resignation) is essential:” (all sic)

  • I have brought my party the ANC in to disripute
  • I have disrespected my elders and have made a fool out of myself
  • I promote Nationalization even though i have no concerpt of how it works or its blacklash to the economy
  • I promote my own agenda over my country’s and parties
  • I promote the singing racist songs to promote violence and un-rest in the country
  • I do not consider youth issues

The post concluded with: “It is with great hope that I step down and welcome a new era in the ANCYL, one where thought and vision inspire our country rather then racism and personal ambition destroy it.”

An investigation into the hack, reported on in an excellent post by Kyle Redlinhuys, by memeburn shows that the hack was conducted through access to the site’s Joomla administration console, and that it was conducted by a hacker calling him/herself “Warbird”.

When contacted for comment by journalists at Times Live, ANC Youth League spokesman, Floyd Shivambo, slammed down the phone. In response to questions about the alleged hacking of the website, youth league spokeswoman Magdelene Moonsamy said: “There is nothing that we are aware of at this point and there is nothing on our website. We do not have time for things like this.”

Wonder how long they’ll take to decide that the internet needs to be ‘closured’ as well….

* Hat-tip to Fringe for the Fauxlema inspiration.


  1. Alas yes, he does not have enough brain power to produce a resignation letter as articulate as this…I wonder sometimes…how many brain cells would you have to kill to level with Malema? You know how you can look into a persons eyes and see the wisdom of an old soul? Malema’s soul ran out on him…outrageous working conditions dealing with a brain like that!

    Go blah blah protest group! Puzzle them dead! (it doesn’t take much)

  2. “Fauxlema” has a nice ring to it.
    Reading through some of those older stories it’s obvious that this fellow is a bit of twat. That “we will close Twitter” story is hilarious!
    Idiots like this deserve all the negative media they get.

    • He is a idiot of epic proportions!! The only ppl who like him are other brain-washed idiots.

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