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Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in Current Events, Featured, Kimberley | 5 comments

Switch Off for Earth Hour

It’s been quite a year here on planet Earth. And although we couldn’t have stopped the Earth from rumbling or have pulled back the waters to where they belong there is a small difference that we can make. We can switch off our lights for an hour.

The Earth Hour initiative started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 as an awareness and action campaign against climate change where an astonishingly 2.2 million people participated. Since then, Earth Hour has been embraced by over 128 countries, with whole cities standing in darkness together against global warming.

This year however, Earth Hour is not only about making a stand against climate change. After the natural disasters that have devastated thousands of homes and made international headlines, Earth Hour 2011 is acknowledging that the planet is in control despite how much we insist on damaging it.

As we sit, stumble, or dance (some may sleep which makes the exercise somewhat pointless) in darkness on Saturday, lets pay our respects to those who have died in the recent planet Earth disasters, face how lucky we are to have light as it’s more fun with them than without them, and lets recognise that Planet Earth is boss. Not only is it for a good cause, but it’s the perfect opportunity for lights off mischief.

Visit the Earth Hour website to see how you can go Beyond The Hour and take further action. Lights off at 20:30 on Saturday, 26th March 2011.


  1. “Lights off mischief” should not be an offer extended to dodgy sorts who like to nick stuff that doesn’t belong to them. Other than them it could be a lot of fun!

  2. The BlaBla Blog supports Earth Hour every year. In fact, this year we’re “turning off” the site for the hour. Expect to see a black screen for an hour from 8:30pm on Saturday…

  3. Hmmm, lights off mischief is definitely one of the big pluses in Earth Hours’ favour. Candlelight is much more romantic, but if you really are feeling very mischievious go for it in total darkness, the darker the better! Taking away all the light heightens the other senses – touch, taste, hear your partner with much more intimacy than ever! I know I will be 🙂

  4. Help save the environment…start with your own home. Lets spread the spirit of Earth Hour in South Africa…In my opinion, Earth Hour does not get enough recognition here in South Africa, its up to us to do our bit to save the environment. Lets set a good example for our children. Everything starts within our own home.

  5. Nice going Blablanians!!

    During Earth Hour on Saturday South Africans saved 350 megawatts of electricity, enough to power Bloemfontein for a whole day, Eskom said on Tuesday.

    “As part of its support for the Earth Hour campaign, Eskom measured the reduction in electricity used during the hour against typical consumption for this time on an average Saturday evening,” said spokeswoman Hillary Joffe in a statement.

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