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Posted by on Dec 23, 2011 in Design, Fashion, Illustration | 1 comment

Spread the Marmite Love and Win up to $1950!

The great gang over at our favourite T-Shirt design studio are holding a design competition in conjunction with Marmite – that favourite of South African spreads. Did you know that it’s been around since 1902?!

Here’s the Idea:

Create a Marmite inspired t-shirt design that works perfectly for Valentine’s Day. The winning design will come from the designer who can best illustrate their intense passion and undying love for Marmite in the most effective, most inspiring and heartwarming way.

Your designs need to be fun and quirky – no moody, angst-ridden emo stuff allowed! Simply put, show Marmite & just how big a Marmite fan you really are.

The brief Brief:

The winning designs from this contest will be printed & sold on promotional products for Valentines Day 2012.

You need to show your passion for Marmite! Not just to eat, but in any fun way you can imagine. The iconic nature of the brand has inspired designs from across the world! Go do some research online & see just how crazy people have been!

For example: I love my wife Marmite; Stay with the one you love; I only dance with my Marmite; My-mate; Find your right mate; Don’t like sweet tea? Have Marmite in it instead. Absolutely anything that shows just how much you love Marmite.

Please keep your themes light and humorous. We don’t want anything dark, sad, emo or lonely! Your designs must make people smile, give them tummy aches from laughing too much, or feel like they’re floating in 7th Heaven, so make it quirky, fun and absolutely lovable.

Focus on how you feel with Marmite in your life, not without it! The key here is to NOT to be (too) serious.

Pop on over to the Marmite – Spread the Love Design Competition page for all the deets, and to download the Marmite brand icon and image pack to get you started. And while you’re there take a gander at some of the designs already submitted for consideration. Oh, and note that the date for final design submissions is 03 January, so best you get fuelled up on the mighty spread that is Marmite, and get cracking already!

Let us know if you do submit something – drop a link to your design into the comments – so that we can go on over and vote for you.

1 Comment

  1. Hey Greg & readers

    Just wanted to let you all know that the Spread the Marmite Love design contest has now come to an end and all designs submitted are up for voting until next Monday, 16 January 2012.

    Some really awesome, fun designs have come through so head on over to the following link to cast your vote and help Springleap and Marmite South Africa choose the winner and runners up!!

    VOTE here:

    Please also give the hardworking designers some good critical feedback on their designs! We’re all about supporting and growing young talent and the more feedback they get, the faster they can improve their skills. To make it worth your while, we will choose one King of Comments or Queen of Quotes for the month and reward the most dedicated voter and commenter with R700 in cash + 2 Springleap t-shirts. For more info on how you can claim the crown and the bounty, read here:

    Thanks for spreading the love! Keep it up 🙂

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