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Posted by on Sep 21, 2009 in Sport, Voted | 4 comments

Sports Person or Role Model?

There is always a lot of attention drawn when a sportsperson does something socially incorrect.

Take our good party mate Herschelle Gibbs as an example. Just let him get a lap dance at a strip club, or a little too much Jack at three in the morning and strews nuts he will be on the front page or back page of the Sunday Times.

David Beckham, another personality black hole. Every time he gets a tattoo or chats up one of his personal assistants he gets ripped in the tabloids. I could sit here all day and mention sports people with flaws, partly because I cannot stand with this knee injury, but that’s not the point of this ramble.

My point is this: when you decide to become “The world’s best tennis / rugby / cricket / golf / mofsticks / racing driver” are you considering the “rewards” or the “role model status”? I will never argue that a senior position comes with social responsibility, but I am sure none of the world’s top sportsman chose their path for the responsibility of correcting societies wrongs.

Most people choose their path for reward, whether financial or any other. There always has to be a payday of some sort.  So is it fair to judge a sportsman/women/administrator for “doing what it takes” to “win at all costs” when we as the sports mad, ticket buying, results demanding public and fans are putting the pressure on them?

Flavio, I forgive you. Chuene, you tried. Victoria, you married a chop. Now go fall on your swords as all good samurai’s do when they are faced with Social Failure.


  1. What the heck is “mofsticks”?

    • Hockey or golf depending on your point of view.

  2. Hands off Becks, hands of!!

    • Now now, he is not a president of anything….

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