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Posted by on Sep 19, 2009 in Families, Life | 5 comments

Speak Up!

I was looking for something in my grocery cupboard the other day when I found a packet of Atora Suet, now I use this to make my dumplings, of which Himself is very fond. I was reminded of when I was in England visiting my parents. I always come back with my suitcase packed with edibles, all my favourite things that are unavailable here. Now you can get Atora here, but as it’s so cheap there I decided to buy a couple of packets.

So there we were in the supermarket, my parents were doing their shopping and I was searching the unfamiliar aisles for the Atora……seeing me hunting up & down, my father asked me what I was looking for, “Atora” I replied. “Oh I know where that is” he said, and he strode off  purposefully……I scurried along behind him, then I noticed he was heading out of the shop. “dad where are are we going?” I asked, dad looked at me in a puzzled way and said “you wanted the toilet?!”

Well that was me finished! I packed up laughing, my poor dad had misheard me, & he had to suffer my infantile giggling for the rest of the day, needless to say I took great delight in telling  him that I was going to the Atora at every given opportunity!


  1. Lauging, forgive me, I need to visit the John …

  2. Thats Funny,

    I am married to a Brit myself. Sometimes battle to understand her family

  3. Hi Cin….best you skip to the loo me darling!

  4. Robert, us poms are 'special!' *grin*

    • I always found it funny that the people with the hardest to undersatnd English accents are the English themselves. 🙂

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